Safe horse field

If you need to get your horse/s away from your home due to a fire, and our place is in a safe zone, please contact Rick or April George at 493-3520.  We live on Sleepy Hollow Road and have a fenced field where you can bring your horse/s if you need to evacuate your property. [...]

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Reverse 911 Register your phone now Klickitat County Emergency Management purchsed a mass notification system from Everbridge in 2013. As a result we now have the resources to be able to contact all registered participants at one time, or a selection of participants based on their geographic location and even based on their needs. The system is [...]

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Klickitat Fire District #3 has a Facebook page.

Klickitat Fire District #3 has a Facebook page.  Please do "Like" it as it may come in handy to spread important information in the event of an emergency.    For example, recommended evacuation routed, location and direction of travel of fires may get posted here. 

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