• Scott See posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 4 months, 1 week ago

    I just updated some of the software for this site. Let me know if y’all are seeing the Comment button now. This is hard for me to debug since I see the Comment button just fine when I’m logged in. But I’ll keep trying.

    • I’m commenting on my own post just so you don’t think I’m hallucinating when I say I see the Comment button.

    • Hi, Scott: Yes, I’m now seeing the “Comment” button once again after logging in. Thanks for the fix! Richard

      • Yea!!

        • And, Scott: With your “updating of some of the software” you may have finally fixed another vexing problem with the website. As I commented to you quite a few months ago, roughly only around 10% of the posts (then and through until earlier today – June 6) were coming into our inbox (even though we’ve continuously had everything perfectly set up for that*). So far, since your fix for the “Comments” button earlier today, every post has come through. So, “Yea!” also (we hope). (We’re keeping our fingers crossed!”) Richard * “Your email status is” “All Email: Send all group activity as it arrives” (i.e., is posted).

    • good news – you not hallucinating, Scott.

    • I have the comment tab on this computer that is ruining Windows 7. Carol’s desktop and my lap top both run Windows 10 and the comment tab does not appear on them Jim K

      • Hi, James: Is this AFTER you have logged in? (You won’t see it unless you do so.) In the current setup, you should see a “Comment” button under new posts, and a“Reply” button under previous comments of the new posts. Does this help? Richard

      • I’m on Windows 10. I see the Comment Button at the top of this thread and ‘reply’ links after each comment. I tried it in Chrome, MS Edge, and Firefox. All worked for me, but only if I am signed in.

    • Thanks Scott, I see it now too!

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