• Scott See posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 6 months ago

    If you get email notification from here and reply to it, I’m the only one who will see it. And all others will be deprived of your words of wisdom. And that would be sad.

    • Scott: Huh? Please explain. Thanks. R

      • Do you get an email when someone posts to If not, you can disregard my post. If so, replying to that email doesn’t not end up on It ends up in my inbox and languishes.

        • Oh, okay Scott — got it. I.e., if you are set up at to have (under “Email Options”) posts sent to your e-mail inbox, you can NOT simply hit “Reply” at your e-mail’s inbox to respond to these posts; only Scott will see those. Rather, you need to log-in at the above website, and then click on either “Comment” or “Reply” to have it appear on the bulletin board (and to reach the person who made a post). Thanks for the clarification. R

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