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    The PUD Commissioners meeting is this Tuesday 2:00 in Goldendale. Solar net metering reimbursement will be discussed. If the Commissioners reduce this reimbursement the opportunity for solar development in Klickitat County will plummet. Solar jobs will go away and the opportunity for future jobs will be non-existent. Now is the time to pay attention to the generation of electricity in this County. We need renewable, affordable and clean generation. We can do something locally to help climate change. Anyone notice wild fires? We can encourage our PUD Commissioners to act in a responsible manner. They need to hear from us. If you can’t go to the meeting, you can testify on line on the website. Call Anita at the PUD if you have any questions.

    • Did you/anyone go to the meeting? We were gone. Any interesting info? Please share. Thanks.

      • Tom & I went to the Commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday. It was well attended with lots of positive input for solar and recommendations not to alter the net metering rate. The Commissioners did not directly address our concerns but stated that the PUD had encouraged sokar. It was pointed out to them that reducing the net metering rate may well discourge solar in the County. You can get the minutes from Anita Clever, 509-773-4622. The Commissioners will write a net metering policy for the future and submit it for public commit. If Anita has your email, you will be notified.

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