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    Is there a way for the Snowden Community to exert some pressure on the Klickitat Road folks to implement some kind of permanent fix for lower Staats Road? Not-with-standing that this road is the “GPS Preferred” route to upper Snowden (every winter it seems we have to “rescue” out-of-area folks relying on their GPS), serves as the primary access for fire protection from the Husum fire station (currently impassable fire trucks), and is a principal egress/escape route in the event of emergencies, this road has been officially “closed” for the last two years due to a landslide caused by clear-cutting a steep slope just beneath the road. The condition of the road is particularly vexing because the parties responsible for destabilizing the soil (SDS??) have not been required to mitigate the damage they have caused.

    My understanding is that Staats Road is essentially a right-of-way through private property (principally timber-company-owned). Never-the-less the responsibility for maintaining rights-of-way typically is the burden of the person who impeded access through the right-of-way. I understand that engaging in a tete-a-tete with SDS is probably fruitless, but that doesn’t negate the responsibility of the county for maintaining the right-of-way in a seasonally safe condition.

    Would it be feasible/advisable to add the condition of lower Staats Road to the agenda for the larger Snowden Community meetings? Unfortunately, I am not able to attend any Thursday night meetings or would bring the question to the floor in person. Is there a way to add this topic to the agenda for the regular monthly meetings and request the county road folks to substantively respond?

    Please advise — Thank you for your patience and understanding!

    Roy Conant

    • Commissioner Dave Sauter talked on the issue of some road improvements at his last visit to the Snowden Community Council. I don’t recall specifically that Staats was mentioned as he was mostly responding to someone’s question about Courtney Road. He says its quite a lengthy process to get a project on the 3, 5 or 10 years plans, but Courtney IS on the plan. That state currently does not have funding for it, but its likely to happen sooner rather than later due to concerns for public safety. A good place to bring this up is at the Snowden Community Council’s monthly meetings, the first Thursday of every month. And this Thursday, the 6th, is our annual meeting with everyone welcome. 7 PM at Cherry Lane Fire Station.

      • As I mentioned in my post, Thursday evenings have always been a non-starter for my participation. I’ll pursue directly with the commissioners — though, given the influence of big timber in the county, I don’t much expect anything to happen with regards to holding the perpetrators of the slide accountable…

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