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    Hi neighbors! Thought you’d all like to see some trail cam footage of a bear that’s been cruising around Bates Rd. lately. There are a couple of middle of the night still shots and a morning video here:!Aik2HXaVWOdogeFDzSZjZumHxhbjDg

    • It could be the same bear we saw Friday afternoon right ON Bates just coming off our property (225). The one we saw may have been a bit bigger. We’ve also seen him twice on the north side of our property, also during the day. Don’t have our trail cameras up so far.

      • Hi Lance – we’re right across the street from you almost (206), so it sounds like these bears are going north/south.

        • Yes….this Major Creek/Catherine Creek is quite a wildlife corridor.
          We have identified as many as 7 different bear in a season on our property. Another family on Bates counted 13 different bear on their field.

    • Very cool photos. Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen a bear like that cross the road once last year and once this spring – near the fire station, and I saw it once last year while hiking across the street from my house (27 Bates).

    • He came to visit a couple nights this weekend on Nash Rd. right before garbage pick up and decorated our hillside. Also carted off a 30 gallon trash can with 40lbs of chicken feed in it. Didn’t bother any of the animals though.

    • Wednesday 8:28 AM….we’re standing on our back deck right now watching a much bulkier bear. He appears to be grazing on some ground cover of some kind.

    • This (June 8 ) morning, encountered a medium-sized black bear (looked a bit bigger than the one in Reid’s video) standing about 200 feet away on the SDS road south of Bates/west of Tunnel. We stared each other down for at least a minute before it finally slowly turned to amble off into the woods eastward towards Tunnel. After walking the woods-loop near the Kreps fence-gates and starting back down the SDS road, saw that the (presumably) same bear had returned westward to a hillock in the clear-cut area. This time it was only for a few seconds as the bear was already walking down into the brush. This increasingly brushy area (following the clear-cutting a few years back) seems ideal for deer browsing, and I did see three deer (groups of one and two) in the area at this time. Maybe the bear was trying to prey upon one of them? (FWIW, Wikipedia indicates that this does occur, but is rare.) Richard

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