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    I think it’s smoke from recent wildfires drifting up from Oregon/California and also down from BC. There’s also no wind – a blessing and a curse today. I checked the Columbia Gorge Wildland & Fire Information Page (Facebook) and didn’t see any active fires nearby (thank goodness). Agree the air quality is really bad today. Hope you are holding up ok.

  • Just a quick note of thanks for the great ideas regarding cell service up here. I appreciate hearing what works for you. We now have several avenues to explore. This group really is a community. Thank you!

  • We’re new to Snowden (well, I am. My husband grew up here, so in a sense, I’ve come back home with him). I have a question about cell phone carriers. Which one has better coverage up here – Verizon or AT&T? We have AT&T now and have spotty service. Some days it’s awesome and some days, well, you know…not so good. Since my cell phone is on its…[Read more]

    • We’re at 369 Snowden. We started with Voicestream/TMobile which did not work here at all. My work-issued ATT cell phone got a good signal and worked fine. We are now Verizon customers. Our low-tech LG flip phones work so well that we dropped our landline. But like realtors say – location is everything. Hopefully you’ll get more feedback…[Read more]

    • 10 years Verizon or us cellular

    • Verizon has a pretty good reputation. My connection starts cutting out just past Cherry Ln Fire Station, which is pretty much right about where you are. But, good news, you can get cell coverage through wifi. It’s called Wi-Fi Calling. It’s amazing. It’s just like having a strong cell signal. Getting this has been a live changing event. I…[Read more]

    • Brian, we moved in about a year ago (80 Bates), had AT&T, and coverage in only one place in the house. Before I went to the hassle of switching carriers I decided to try a cell phone signal booster. I researched them and settled on this one:
      weBoost Connect 4G | 470103
      The very best $549 I have ever spent as we now have near…[Read more]