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    I’ve called & emailed him too with no response.

    • I called K2 News tonight about Weyerhauser spraying. It could happen next week because they are waiting for drier weather & wind at no more than 5mph. The person I spoke to seemed quite interested . She asked if I would be willing to be on TV & since I am not the primary mover in this & since I’m not the only one with serious concern, I suggest a group of us on TV, if the decide to run with it. So…is anyone willing to appear on TV? Probably soon?

      • Hi Bob – I agree with you – I am opposed to aerial spraying but am not sure where it is going to occur. I finally did get an email response (after leaving a more demanding voicemail) from Chris and unbelievably he simply cut and pasted responses from their website. The strategy is apparently to fake interest in residents’ concerns and then just go ahead quietly spray because they have the legal right to. I asked for a map of the spray area and the request was ignored. Who knows the spray area? Who are the residents closest to it and will likely experience drift? The most effective strategy is to have them speak with any interested press and with a group of us to stand with them. I am happy to support and be present if I am available. Meanwhile, we need those most affected to be willing to speak to the press.

        • Sue:
          I called KATU news yesterday & now they are not interested because “Weyerhauser isn’t doing anything illegal”. Would you be interested in contacting any other press?

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