Laura Bazzetta

Laura Bazzetta

  • Thanks everyone, we got somebody 🙂

  • Hello Snowden Road! In a very last-minute attempt to take one trip this season for our own sanity, Brian and I are searching for someone to look after the dogs and animals at our ranch (sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits) from Fri, Sep 21st through Mon, Sept 24th. We are located around mile 14 on Snowden, and we’d always prefer to have it be someone…[Read more]

  • We had two Great Pyrenees/LGDs show up today at our place near the top of Snowden — they came well off snowden rd on our driveway to get here. Anyone happen to know who these dogs belong to?

    • Hi Laura — My guess would be Chris Yeager — the very last house on Staats Road. If they are still around, let me know if you would like me to contact Chris or his wife and I’ll give them a call. Thanks! Roy

    • That’d be my guess too. They came to play with my dogs a while back (1099 Snowden) and Yeager rings a bell.

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