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    UPDATE on glyphosate spraying meeting. Chris has only agreed to this Thursday the 6th at 2:00. I apologize for those working but ANYONE who happens to be free PLEASE come. He insists on speaking to individuals at this time but I would love it if we had the entire community make it. He is bringing the permit info and other statistics to prove the spraying of toxic substance ALL OVER Klickitat county somehow is potent enough to kill only the beetle and bugs and weeds and apparently is not going to harm us or the animals or pollute our waters. PLEASE INVESTIGATE! This cannot be further from the truth. Let me know if anyone can make it. I realize the community meeting is that night but I would like as much pressure face to face as possible. Thank-you, Kathy Call or email me 253 334-5136

    • Hi Kathy: I can’t make the meeting on Thursday but I did send an email to him after your last email asking for specifics on what is being sprayed and where it is being sprayed and he never responded. I am wondering why he has not responded.

      Thanks for your follow through on this issue.

      • Is Weyerhaeuser prepared to share maps of all their holdings? At a minimum they need to be able to demonstrate adjacencies. Please let us know how this is progressing, we don’t abut any of their holdings, but are very opposed to ariel spraying for a multitude of reasons.

        Jenn and Eric

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