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    To Richard, Marisa, Sharon & Stephen & other Snowden mail route folks: We also had a few snafus with our mail about a mth ago. Informed the Postmaster who seemed seriously concerned about the problem. We haven’t had any problems lately, but how would you know for sure, since that time. Also the mail is being delivered a bit earlier in the day, rather that at about 4pm. So things are looking up.

    • Hi, Kathy et. al.: Based on the USPS’s “Informed Delivery” (#2 in our post titled “RE: MAIL DELIVERY” in May), the mail is currently (early June) being delivered about two to three hours later than was customary. We know this because we receive a message — to the minute — whenever packages are delivered. As we are three miles up Snowden Road on the outbound route, it seems surprising that we are still receiving mail “so late”: one to two in the afternoon. And still an occasional misdelivered item. As Kathy and others have previously said/implied, if you have concerns, we strongly suggest you speak personally with the postmaster: James Hamilton at 509-493-3904.
      P. S. One modification to my May recommendation of the “Informed Delivery” service: the images of first-class mail arriving each morning are items “in the system”, but may not necessarily be (albeit usually) arriving that same day.

    • Our mail is late – like 5:30-6. And still a few other peoples items. We have talked with the postmaster – again
      AND yes we still have bears!

      • From neighbor Jesse Calkins (June 8):
        We had at least one bear on our porch several times a few weeks ago banging around at night. It picked up our gate, we use to keep Drafty {another neighbor’s Burmese mountain dog] out of our cat food & carried it about 10 ft. in & than ate the food. Drafty wouldn’t carry the gate in like that. We had a large one come on the deck years back too when our daughter was younger. It picked up our dog food bowl in it’s teeth & carried it over to a large oak tree north of our home & sat down with it’s back to the tree & ate it like popcorn. I came out & shot a pistol over its head several times before it rather calmly finished the treat & slowly got up & walked off.