Kathy von Mosch

Kathy von Mosch

  • Here is a link that may work on the petition. It will open in your downloads and then open there and read the petition info. I will be glad to take a call to explain further or some and get a signature. Thanks. Kathy 493-2246…[Read more]

  • Kathy von Mosch posted a new activity comment 1 week, 1 day ago

    It opened for me. Read and calculate depending on your current valuation. I explains the other aspects of the proposal. I can come over and get your signatures and explain more. 493-2246.

  • Kathy von Mosch posted a new activity comment 1 week, 1 day ago

    Here is the petition. It explains the 1% / $1000 rater on properties and the allowed rate of increase per yr.

  • Well that link didn’t work. But here’s an article http://www.whitesalmonenterprise.com/news/2018/jun/07/metro-park-district-petition-drive-gaining-momentu/ I have petitions and you can stop by anytime or call 493-2246 Thanks.

    • I was unable to get anything via the links. An you send me the petition via email? It is a Gmail account. Skphilpott is the main part. Thanks

  • Dear Snowden: The beloved and ancient WS Community Pool will be closing at the end of this summer. It is the place where many of our kids or grandkids learned to swim, or we went for water aerobics, etc. A replacement is needed. A group has been meeting & has developed a plan to fund a replacement. It is proposed to create a junior taxing…[Read more]

  • To Richard, Marisa, Sharon & Stephen & other Snowden mail route folks: We also had a few snafus with our mail about a mth ago. Informed the Postmaster who seemed seriously concerned about the problem. We haven’t had any problems lately, but how would you know for sure, since that time. Also the mail is being delivered a bit earlier in the day,…[Read more]

    • Hi, Kathy et. al.: Based on the USPS’s “Informed Delivery” (#2 in our post titled “RE: MAIL DELIVERY” in May), the mail is currently (early June) being delivered about two to three hours later than was customary. We know this because we receive a message — to the minute — whenever packages are delivered. As we are three miles up Snowden…[Read more]

    • Our mail is late – like 5:30-6. And still a few other peoples items. We have talked with the postmaster – again
      AND yes we still have bears!

      • From neighbor Jesse Calkins (June 8):
        We had at least one bear on our porch several times a few weeks ago banging around at night. It picked up our gate, we use to keep Drafty {another neighbor’s Burmese mountain dog] out of our cat food & carried it about 10 ft. in & than ate the food. Drafty wouldn’t carry the gate in like that. We had a…[Read more]

  • Kathy von Mosch posted a new activity comment 6 months, 1 week ago

    Not sure if this was Cody. He has been staying home or visiting w/Family downtown. Thanks for posting here. We want to thank the Sears Family for helping Cody out a while back. He”d been torn up pretty good by other dogs.

  • Kathy von Mosch posted a new activity comment 6 months, 1 week ago

    Did you/anyone go to the meeting? We were gone. Any interesting info? Please share. Thanks.

    • Tom & I went to the Commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday. It was well attended with lots of positive input for solar and recommendations not to alter the net metering rate. The Commissioners did not directly address our concerns but stated that the PUD had encouraged sokar. It was pointed out to them that reducing the net metering rate may well…[Read more]

  • Gina McCabe will be at the WS Library on Thursday 3pm-4pm. Bring your thoughts.

  • Kathy von Mosch posted a new activity comment 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Brian: Was this by the firestation? Or was it down lower? Found some large footprints earlier this year. Keep us posted.

  • For those interested in some history of the “legacy phone companies” and broadband, here is a link. Read parts of it. Also a book available. Check it out.http://www.worights.cf/2017/11/the-book-of-broken-promises-400-billion.html

  • Kathy von Mosch posted a new activity comment 1 year, 6 months ago

    We know how you feel Roy. We would like to enter the 21st Century.

    • There are parts of 21st Century connectivity that are appealing — But, I don’t suppose I would have been any less naive about its potential for abuse this past year even with a better connection…

  • Kathy von Mosch posted a new activity comment 1 year, 6 months ago

    Hi, Kyle: I just checked on the CL map and 858 Snowden has nothing available right now. Bummer. How did you hear about these phases? Do you have a contact number to get a bit more information? We have been working on this for several years and are pretty discouraged. Thanks for a bit of hope. Kathy & Jim 493-2246

    • HI Kathy,

      I was pushing pretty hard on the broadband topic last year and I ended up meeting some folks at the CenturyLink building in Seattle. This deployment is part of the CAF II funds which falls under their regulatory affairs director. This is just one of many CAF builds they are working on so I try to avoid over doing contact to the…[Read more]

      • 10mb/s is 10/8 MB/s. Or about one megabyte/second. The numbers phone companies give you are always in megabits. There are 8 megabits in a megabyte. They do that to make the numbers look bigger. They know most people see 10mb/s and think that means ten megabytes per second. That’d be nice, but it’s eight-fold far from the truth. I get 1MB/s…[Read more]

        • That’s pretty awesome bandwidth – didn’t realize satellite had that sort of throughput. My issue with satellite is the data cap which is very low, and the lack of VPN support for work. Otherwise I’d thought about getting it as a backup service, but I think I’m going to focus on trying to improve the LTE signal with an antenna and amplifier like…[Read more]

    • Jim: According to CL the Acme/Snowden box upgrade should be completed by March. When we met with CL in August last year they told us that they were only upgrading as far as the Acme/Snowden. They also told us that the effective range of the DSL broadband service would only be 10,000 feet from the box–so you should be good at your place. I…[Read more]

      • OK, so I must be a little slow…just exactly how does one put his or her name on the “list?”

        • Duncan: I believe you are at 80 Bates Rd. You should be able to call CenturyLink customer service 877-862-9343 (or go online) and order internet services. Our friend lives at 37 Bates and got hooked up last December. Should be that straight-forward. Be forewarned, CL customer service is really bad. It took our friend 4 calls and 2 missed…[Read more]

  • If you have not mailed in your primary ballot yet I would like to share with you my pick for Congressional District #3. David McDevitt has shown up to visit our community at least 7 times in the past couple of months. He has a Telecommunications background and rural broadband is one of his concerns, for both business and education. He refers to…[Read more]

  • Several of us have just received email from Wave Broadband. There is hope. Here is the last sentences of the mail: “The conversation I had with our VP, though, did have an implication that if there was enough interest they would make this a priority. As I mentioned to Scott See, if you guys can get me a list of 30 to 50 people that are…[Read more]

  • Just to clarify, Tyler had a medical emergency that delayed his return home and release of Cody our dog. So we were in contact yesterday morning and Cody returned in the afternoon. Thanks to Tyler for looking out for our dog & the helpful clues posted by other neighbors. I guess dogs will roam. Enjoy this beautiful sunny day.

  • Our dog Cody has returned home.

  • Hi guys and gals. Another lost doggie. Ruth and Garrett on Acme Rd are missing their crewmate, Swab, for 2 days. He is about 65#, black with white socks up front, white chest patch, pointy nose and ears and a orange (red) collar. A phone number on the collar may be obsolete. I am not sure if there are 2 numbers. You can contact Jim or Kathy…[Read more]

  • Hi, Snowden Folks: The Klickitat County Democrats are holding their annual General Meeting. Here’s your chance to find out what Dems have been doing locally during 2015 and begin preparations for the presidential Caucuses in March. There will be a Potluck at the WS Library, on Mon. November 16th starting at 6:30. Let’s get together and discuss the…[Read more]

  • Hi Snowdenites. Jim here. Yesterday I attended the MCEDD broadband meeting in the Dalles. I went because there has been no action taken to get us connected to our tax dollar rural connectivity fiber-optic cable that was installed past our houses a couple of years ago. I sat through 2 hours of “committee speak” before I finally got to ask what…[Read more]

    • Jim: Thanks for attending the meeting. I see by your comments that not much progress has been made in getting rural broadband to us “Up Snowden”. I got involved in the Broadband debate with MCEDD and Washington State back in late 2008. Surveys were done, yada, yada, etc. and no progress forward. They seemed to constantly focus on “speed”…[Read more]

      • Jim, the answer you got is the same thing I’ve been hearing for years: just keep pestering CenturyLink and others. But pleading to private corporations seems futile as long as their profit margins don’t pencil out for a scattered, hilly community like ours.

        I have written a lot of letters and filled out surveys emphasizing the importance of…[Read more]

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