Jennifer Sharp

Jennifer Sharp

  • Lisa Chase posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 1 week ago

    I’m interested in connecting with other horse owners in the Snowden area. I have a 11 year old Quarter Horse gelding that I’m working with for trail riding. It’s good to have horse friends nearby. Thank you.

  • The PUD Commissioners meeting is this Tuesday 2:00 in Goldendale. Solar net metering reimbursement will be discussed. If the Commissioners reduce this reimbursement the opportunity for solar development in Klickitat County will plummet. Solar jobs will go away and the opportunity for future jobs will be non-existent. Now is the time to pay…[Read more]

    • Did you/anyone go to the meeting? We were gone. Any interesting info? Please share. Thanks.

      • Tom & I went to the Commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday. It was well attended with lots of positive input for solar and recommendations not to alter the net metering rate. The Commissioners did not directly address our concerns but stated that the PUD had encouraged sokar. It was pointed out to them that reducing the net metering rate may well…[Read more]

  • Scott See posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    I just found the following Facebook message, “Kim M Larsen January 1 at 9:53am. Anybody I know on Snowden Rd who may be missing their golden retriever or know ego this beautiful pooch my belong to? Becky, Scott” Hopefully this is old news and the dog is safely back home.

    • Not sure if this was Cody. He has been staying home or visiting w/Family downtown. Thanks for posting here. We want to thank the Sears Family for helping Cody out a while back. He”d been torn up pretty good by other dogs.

  • Snowden Community Council meets on Thursday evening, January 4th at the Cherry Lane Fire Station. Even if you can’t make it you may want to read the minutes from both the November and December meetings. Each had Community Forum guests that provided lots of information to council members and residents. Dave Sauter was at the November meeting and…[Read more]

    • Thanks, Judy! Where do we find those minutes? I don’t see anything posted on this website for 2017 except for the month of April (under Resources/Info>Snowden Council>Snowden Council Minutes) but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. Or the minutes haven’t been approved and posted yet.

  • Gina McCabe will be at the WS Library on Thursday 3pm-4pm. Bring your thoughts.

  • For those interested in some history of the “legacy phone companies” and broadband, here is a link. Read parts of it. Also a book available. Check it out.

  • Hello fellow Snowdenites. I don’t post here very often but I thought this was newsworthy. Our friend near Cherry Lane discovered a cougar holding his dog by the head yesterday. He spooked it with a gunshot. Today he tracked it to his checken coop. When he opened the door, there it was surrounded by dead chickens. He shot and killed the…[Read more]

  • I just had a solid light brown maybe palomino horse visit my house on tunnel. After rolling around in the snow for a bit it went back out on Tunnel. If you know who’s horse it might be please let them know its loose and in the Tunnel area near the gate to the Kreps trail/road. road.

  • There is an upcoming meeting on well monitoring next Wednesday Nov 29th at 10:30 at the Lyle Community Center. You can check details at The company Wellintel will be giving an overview and then a demonstration of their well monitoring…[Read more]

  • April C. George posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 2 months ago

    I have a saddle for sale. Older Crosby dressage saddle, size 17. Some stitching repair done. Saddle includes Wintec girth, irons, leathers, pads, and a saddle pad. $125.00 for all of it.

  • April C. George posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 2 months ago

    Teacher in White Salmon is looking for a small cabin or tiny house to rent in White Salmon area. Single person with one well-behaved dog. Looking at rent of about $750/month. If anyone up Snowden has something that fits the bill, let me know your contact info, and I’ll pass it on to this teacher.

    • If this person is still looking for something up Snowden, please have them contact me at 503 705 6263. Thank you!

  • April C. George posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 2 months ago

    Neighbors on Snowden Cutoff have a stray black cat, medium sized, wanting to join them. Anybody missing a kittie? Call Rana or Ian at 493-2248.

  • Anyone need their piano tuned? I’m scheduling a master piano tuner to come to my house. He’s very talented and very reasonably priced. Since he’s coming up all this way, it’d be great if he could tune some other pianos in the area. We all are a bit out of the way, and he’s coming from Vancouver. So if you’ve got a piano you’ve neglected, I’d…[Read more]

    • Hi Scott,
      This is Duncan’s wife, Shannon~
      We have a paint that needs tuning!
      All sounds Great.
      Let us know time frame, and we will make it work!
      Shannon (& Duncan)

      • Shannon,
        Mark has been trying to get in touch with you. He’s coming from Vancouver, so it really helps for him to be able to consolidate his tunings in this area. If you’re still interested, please let him know.

    • For all those who need a piano tuned, please use this Doodle poll to indicate ALL the days that work for you.

    • Oh, and here’s the cost, “normal is 140 for that far out. for a group of 3, 110 each on all the same day.”

  • Just a quick note of thanks for the great ideas regarding cell service up here. I appreciate hearing what works for you. We now have several avenues to explore. This group really is a community. Thank you!

  • Hi everyone – has anyone lost a dog recently? We’re at 206 Bates and have been seeing what appears to be a lost dog on and off our property for the past three days. It’s a reddish male dog, 40-50lbs and looks like a pit bull/boxer mix possibly. He is wearing an orange collar and appears to have tags, but runs off at high speed if we even open a…[Read more]

  • We’re new to Snowden (well, I am. My husband grew up here, so in a sense, I’ve come back home with him). I have a question about cell phone carriers. Which one has better coverage up here – Verizon or AT&T? We have AT&T now and have spotty service. Some days it’s awesome and some days, well, you know…not so good. Since my cell phone is on its…[Read more]

    • We’re at 369 Snowden. We started with Voicestream/TMobile which did not work here at all. My work-issued ATT cell phone got a good signal and worked fine. We are now Verizon customers. Our low-tech LG flip phones work so well that we dropped our landline. But like realtors say – location is everything. Hopefully you’ll get more feedback…[Read more]

    • 10 years Verizon or us cellular

    • Verizon has a pretty good reputation. My connection starts cutting out just past Cherry Ln Fire Station, which is pretty much right about where you are. But, good news, you can get cell coverage through wifi. It’s called Wi-Fi Calling. It’s amazing. It’s just like having a strong cell signal. Getting this has been a live changing event. I…[Read more]

    • Brian, we moved in about a year ago (80 Bates), had AT&T, and coverage in only one place in the house. Before I went to the hassle of switching carriers I decided to try a cell phone signal booster. I researched them and settled on this one:
      weBoost Connect 4G | 470103
      The very best $549 I have ever spent as we now have near…[Read more]

  • Calling ALL Snowden Comm. Group! TONITE @ 6:30, Public Input on the K/C 6 Year Road Plan *WEST END INPUT/PIONEER CTR.[RM.112]*. Could really use a few more Snowdenites re: the pursuit of improvement/finishing of additional roads for safe ingress/egress from our area; the connecting-up of proper width, set shoulder finished surface arterials has…[Read more]

    • Be careful what you wish for. Faster truck traffic, more expensive road maintenance, and increased residential development often follow road improvements.

  • Here is where you can find DNR’s Daily Smoke Management Approvals for Large Burn Silvicultural Prescribed Fires (click on SE Region to see those for our area): The “N” indicates that approval was not given today (because weather conditions were not favorable for smoke dispersion), but I’m still…[Read more]

    • Here’s the DNR Smoke Management Plan:

    • The DNR only has to give smoke approval if a landowner wants to burn over 99 tons of slash per harvest unit. Noone likes the controlled Burn smoke, understand that… But there’s food reason to reduce the log term fuel loading of our forests. Just look how much smoke and $ we’re consumed in the Eagle Creek fire. Also in WA and OR there are laws…[Read more]

      • That’s correct, the daily smoke approval is only for burns over 99 tons, equivalent to about 50 piles measuring 10×10 feet. However, burning less than 99 tons still requires a permit, and does not absolve a landowner from the responsibility to burn in a way that protects neighbors’ health (i.e. when weather conditions are conducive to smoke…[Read more]

  • The Snowden Council reported their activities for the area over the past year to the Klickitat County Commissioners this past month and Commissioner David Sauter will be on hand at the meeting this Thursday at the Cherry Lane Fire House starting at 7 PM to give the Commissioners thoughts and help to their efforts. Hope you all can attend!!

  • Hi Everyone, I wantred you all to know that the Snowden Council meeting will be on this Thursday starting at 7 PM.
    Also that commissioner David Sauter will be speaking and taking questions on Evacuation of Snowden and the Broadband high speed internet around Snowden along with other things about Klickitat county.
    I myself am wondering about the…[Read more]

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