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    We were visited at our back fence Wednesday the 23rd by a bear. This visitor was cinnamon in color and about 250 pounds. It did nothing to indicate aggressiveness but hung around for perhaps 15 minutes. We are at Sleepy Hollow Rd and Snowden Cutoff. This is the first bear closeup in over two years. Jim & Carol Keightley

    • From our neighbor (Yotam Aviv) 3 miles up Snowden Road — June 6:
      Howdy, good neighbors,
      I just wanted to alert y’all that 2 small brown bears just got at my chicken feed. No animals were hurt, but it did take some determined waving and shouting to get the bear to back off. (The other bear was off in the distance between my place and Richard and Marisa’s.)
      I called WDFW at (509) 493-8586 and reported the incident.
      They said that the bears are just now coming out of hibernation and are looking for food. They suggested that I alert my neighbors to keep trash cans and such covered or protected or whatever it takes to not invite the bears in.
      Peace.. (Yotam Aviv)