James Keightley

James Keightley

  • This morning, we found a pile of bear scat by the back step. Bruin seems to be looking for “things” to fatten up with for his long sleep. We found scat earlier this year in the driveway but that was about 300 feet away. This was right at the back door. I loaded the Winchester just in case!

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    Thanks for the link neighbor. The FCC info is certainly bogus. I practiced before the FCC for many decades as an Electronics Field Engineer and, at the same time, a Radio Broadcast Engineer. So very often it came to light that their data was erroneous. If one of the internet providers would establish wireless on the existing site known as…[Read more]

  • extending sympathies to the Dennis family – “Granny” passed away at 7 this morning.

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    I have the comment tab on this computer that is ruining Windows 7. Carol’s desktop and my lap top both run Windows 10 and the comment tab does not appear on them Jim K

    • Hi, James: Is this AFTER you have logged in? (You won’t see it unless you do so.) In the current setup, you should see a “Comment” button under new posts, and a“Reply” button under previous comments of the new posts. Does this help? Richard

    • I’m on Windows 10. I see the Comment Button at the top of this thread and ‘reply’ links after each comment. I tried it in Chrome, MS Edge, and Firefox. All worked for me, but only if I am signed in.

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    Our mail is late – like 5:30-6. And still a few other peoples items. We have talked with the postmaster – again
    AND yes we still have bears!

    • From neighbor Jesse Calkins (June 8):
      We had at least one bear on our porch several times a few weeks ago banging around at night. It picked up our gate, we use to keep Drafty {another neighbor’s Burmese mountain dog] out of our cat food & carried it about 10 ft. in & than ate the food. Drafty wouldn’t carry the gate in like that. We had a…[Read more]

  • We were visited at our back fence Wednesday the 23rd by a bear. This visitor was cinnamon in color and about 250 pounds. It did nothing to indicate aggressiveness but hung around for perhaps 15 minutes. We are at Sleepy Hollow Rd and Snowden Cutoff. This is the first bear closeup in over two years. Jim & Carol Keightley

    • From our neighbor (Yotam Aviv) 3 miles up Snowden Road — June 6:
      Howdy, good neighbors,
      I just wanted to alert y’all that 2 small brown bears just got at my chicken feed. No animals were hurt, but it did take some determined waving and shouting to get the bear to back off. (The other bear was off in the distance between my place and Richard and…[Read more]

  • We received an e-mail notification today that James Phillips was released from Klickitat County Jail. He was confined there after committing an attempted home invasion to our home. It was brought to my attention by a number of sources that he has become extremely violent and should be avoided. In the past he wore dark grey clothing and usually…[Read more]

  • On Sleepy Hollow near Snowden cutoff. 3 bR, 2 Bath. Den. Comfortable decks. 2 car garage with attached shop 2 Green Houses 493 3403

  • I just received a followup E-Mail from Vine (10-26) advising that James Phillips is again in custody of the Klickitat County SO. It looks like it didn’t take him long to work his way back into custody. I will follow up tomorrow and see if info is available regarding his return trip. Regarding his looks, I will also try to obtain a copy of the…[Read more]

  • We were advised yesterday afternoon by VINE (Victims Information Network that James Phillips was released from the Klickitat County Jail after having served his term. (10-24-17) There remains a permanent court order prohibiting him from within 1000 yards of Sleepy Hollow Rd & Snowden Cutoff. In talking with KCSO, it comes to light that he has…[Read more]

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    One more item regarding the James Phillips incident at our home back in March. The court judgement rendered against him included an exclusion area within 1,000 yards of the intersection of Sleepy Hollow Road and Snowden Cutoff. If anyone sees him in that area, the information needs to get to the Sheriff’s Office at once. Again I recommend…[Read more]

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    Kim, a couple of weeks ago what appeared to be signs of someone sleeping in the loft of our garage/shop. Some stored blankets had been spread out on the floor, the walk-in door was open when she had left it closed and latched, etc. This person is quite bold or perhaps foolish. Again I say head up neighbors Jim & Carol Keightley

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    For the 2nd time this year, our property has been violated. The first time was 3-13-17 when James Phillips (a former neighbor) attempted to kick in our door to gain entry. He should have realized Carol and I were inside. He was arrested, pled guilty and served some time. He is due to complete his term this month and I will follow up and advise…[Read more]

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    We once heard of a “home church” group in the Snowden area. Does anyone know if they are still doing that and the when/where?

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    We have been on Exceed for many years. Metered for sure but we have never overrun the limit. Any problem we have ever had with weather was cleared when I swept the snow off the dish. ; ) The comments regarding Century Link correspond with my experience. I called customer service to inquire if there was a different rate from the over $75…[Read more]

  • Have canning jars that need a new and loving home? Give us a call at 3403. Jim n Carol

  • I have a restaurant sized Cuisinart blender that needs a new home. It’s too big for the two of us and my arthritic hands can no longer lift it. Low price.
    Does anyone mow fields? or cut and bale,?or have any 4 footed critters that tie out to munch down the field?
    We have a new wildlife critter. I’ve seen it a couple of times but didn’t know…[Read more]

    • The Washington breeder who developed the “pixie-bob” claims it originated with a cross between a domestic cat and a bobcat, but DNA testing has failed to detect bobcat genes in the breed. It’s just a large domestic cat bred to look like a bobcat. The pixie-bob has a spotted brown tabby coat, though, not black and white.

  • We have 4 tie down augers that were used to secure a storage building we no longer have. These are free to a good home.

  • Hay Neighbors! For the first time this year, we have found bear scat in our driveway at 150 Sleepy Hollow Rd

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