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    I’m looking for someone to build a pole barn/equipment shed and would love any referrals. I’m at 80 Bates Rd if anyone has a suggestions. Thanks!


    • Hi, Duncan:
      This past summer/fall, we had a 20’ X 60’ metal shed erected. The shed was made by Pioneer Steel from near Toronto. (You’ve perhaps seen the monthly ads for Pioneer along with two other companies in the “Ruralite”.) A steel shed is perhaps not what you are after. But here are our details. We initially did have difficulty finding someone to do the work, but then came upon Dayne Combelic (Good Form Construction LLC; 509-427-5141; He occasionally advertises on He’s a contractor in his very early 30’s out of Stabler (Skamania Co.). While he specializes in excavation and concrete, he also is experienced in erecting bridges. Ours was his first metal-building erection. But he patiently read and studied the instructions, took his time, and completed a wonderful job for us. Okay, neither the foundation, the building, or the labor was cheap. But we are quite pleased with the results.
      Another contractor who periodically advertises building construction on is Greg Simurdak (Simurdak Construction Inc.) out of Hood River. But all past repeated contacts with him but one were left unanswered. Sadly, this seems to be the stereotypic pattern with various previous contractors we’ve contacted. I.e., if they’re too busy, they simply ignore your inquiries.
      Well, good luck with your project. (And if you wish to see our building, just let us know.)
      Richard P. S. You “know” me, as you “took pity” on me walking past your driveway this past winter by offering me a ride. My every-other-day walks on Snowden roads are necessitated during severe winter weather (as we had much of recently) or during the summer fire-closures. Otherwise, I prefer my walks on the roads/trails on SDS and Kreps lands.

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