Chuck Kliesh

Chuck Kliesh

  • The Fall fest in Odell is the 20&21st of Oct. I am so excited that I forgot to add the dates!

  • Hi All, I am glad to announce that the Hood River Art Club is again showing their work at the fall festival in Odell at the Fair grounds. We are in the gym. A few of our members are from Snowden and White Salmon! Hope to see you all there !

  • Hi All Again, There is a meeting of the area council Thursday evening at the Cheery Lane Fire house at & PM and the speaker(s) for the evening is DNR. They will give a presentation about what they do and how. Also answer questions you might have!
    thanks and hope to see everyone there! Chuck

  • Hi All, My grandson is going to college and needs some part time work to help him with his expenses. Please give him a call at 493 1592 if there is something he can do for someone. The best time to get him is in the evenings 5 – 8 PM
    Thanks Chuck

  • The Snowden Council reported their activities for the area over the past year to the Klickitat County Commissioners this past month and Commissioner David Sauter will be on hand at the meeting this Thursday at the Cherry Lane Fire House starting at 7 PM to give the Commissioners thoughts and help to their efforts. Hope you all can attend!!

  • Hi Everyone, I wantred you all to know that the Snowden Council meeting will be on this Thursday starting at 7 PM.
    Also that commissioner David Sauter will be speaking and taking questions on Evacuation of Snowden and the Broadband high speed internet around Snowden along with other things about Klickitat county.
    I myself am wondering about the…[Read more]

  • Hi All, We just wanted to extend and very Merry Christmas to one and all out there! Our hope is for everyone to have a Great time with family and friends on this special Day. We hope that our big star and little lighted Christmas Tree out in our field gave everyone passing a good and happy feeling for this season! Our best to all !!

    • Merry Christmas to you and Judy, too! Luckily, none of our Christmas Day guests had to travel far, so every one is safe and sound. Still hoping that the Bend family can make it here some time this week, but right now the forecast doesn’t sound good. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Hi All, Just a note that North of Acme Rd. there has been some animals taken by a cougar on or about the 1st of July. The wildlife people have been contacted and have put dogs on the trail to spook the thing away and or capture it.
    Also remember that there is a road closure going on from about now until the middle of Oct. going out to Glenwood…[Read more]

  • Hi All, Just a note so you all know that the emergency escape rout north out of Snowden toward Glenwood and Goldendale will be CLOSED just the other side of Wahkiacus Rd. that goes over to 142. That road is not too good for anything but 4 wheel vehicles most times and not at all when wet. In the summer it is mostly a dust bowl at best and if…[Read more]

    • Chuck, are you referring to Fisher Hill Road? When will it be closed?

      A few other exit options from upper Snowden:
      1) Take Sleepy Hollow Road east to Appleton and then go down Canyon Road to Lyle, or continue on the Klickitat-Appleton Road to Klickitat and Goldendale.
      2) Take Sleepy Hollow east to the Lyle-Snowden Road and from there go south to…[Read more]

  • Hi All, Just thought that I let everyone know that the Schmerber Farm will have LOTS of Bing cheeries available now. That is the We pick –
    You pick place down toward the bottom of Snowden Rd. Good prices and very nice people!!

    • When my brother comes to visit, he always brings his kids here when it’s in season. They all have a great time.

  • Hi All, this is for anyone that wants to have broadband brought to their homes. The companies that are moving to make this happen have asked for a list of those people interested so they can make up an offer for cost to each home. Jim Von Mosch has been gathering the list and has a date of the 19th May for compiling the total list from today and…[Read more]

  • Chuck Kliesh posted a new activity comment 2 years, 6 months ago

    I haven’t seen any, however the note did say that the district 3 was the contact place. I haven’t called or asked them if much came in.

  • The Community Council for this area with the Fire District 3 put on a hands on course on CPR which was well attended and appreciated. They will be putting on a First Aid course toward the Fall. There was some more intrest in also doing another CPR course about that time as well.
    Please contact ( ) for updates and to put yourself on the…[Read more]

  • Kyle, the Snowden Concil is meeting on this Thursday at the Cheery Lane Firehouse, and we will have a speaker or two that will be addressing broadband in the Snowden area. Please come and meet all of us and see where we are with that issue. I beleive that the council is going to put together a group to take this forward to get results as soon as…[Read more]

  • Just a reminder for the up coming storm! They are predicting that we will have a ice storm and that it may be enough ice to bring down trees and even some power lines. Remember that having some water for drinking and flushing should be on your list. Get out your battery powered lights and set up your generators for work. Make sure you have some…[Read more]

  • We use Matt Dumont – 509-773-0411 He has been doing a few of us up here for some time now!

  • Please note that the community council meets this Thursday at 7 PM in the Cherry Lane Firehouse. Anyone in this area is always invited to come and join the group for infomation and discussions of many topics. You can check out our minutes here just to the right! Also get the agenda for this upcoming meeting. Also there is always a chance to add…[Read more]

  • Hi All, Since today is voting day I thought I would pass on how I feel about those people that are running for an election seat but don’t , won’t, or find it not worth while to fill out anything or very little about themselves for the voters’ pamphlet. If these people can’t or don’t find it worth they while to do this little bit, THEN HOW can they…[Read more]

  • Chuck Kliesh posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 3 years ago

    Hi All, I would like you all to know that the Posse Club is having a pumpkin carving party on the (oct) 25th at 5:00 till- in the building on the Posse grounds – 50 Snowden Rd. It is open to all !! You need to bring your pumpkin and tools and a snack to share. We will provide chillidogs and such. There will be prizes for every age group. This is…[Read more]

  • The animals seem to be getting ready for winter and are moving about more now. We have been seeing bucks here by the house, we even had one of them sort of come towars us protecting the doe by them. We had a skunk visit our barn where we feed our cats and it was keeping the cats away as it ate their food. It also didn’t run when confronted by us.…[Read more]

    • Hi, Chuck & Judy & Family: Please head on over here if you are interested in a Bernie Sanders yard sign. We have em and bumper stickers. If you are still undecided that makes sense too. Have a geat day. Maybe a little rain.

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