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    Anyone check out the nextdoor.com Snowden/Bates? I don’t like signing up for stuff on the www. Prefer to hear some opinions/experiences first.

    • Hi, Brian, et. al.:
      Yeah, Googled ‘nextdoor” myself earlier today. It’s a private social network with mixed comments/concerns. Also, the BBB has more negative than positive reviews. Strongly suggest anyone considering signing up (we are not) to first evaluate the pros and cons. Richard P. S. Doesn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t the Snowden Community Group serve the same purposes?

    • P.P.S. Also wonder who paid for the mailing to every Snowden resident, and why? R

    • I signed up for it a long time ago but forgot about it until this last year it became active with people in my corner of Snowden. What I like about it is that it’s fairly immediate. I get an email when someone posts, which is usually about worrisome subjects. Like when the planned burn on Burdoin flamed up from wind many of my neighbors posted about it. I wouldn’t have known otherwise, I don’t recall it mentioned here. Suspicious cars in the neighborhood….Like any ‘social media’ I wouldn’t tell my darkest secrets, my mother’s maiden name or where I was born, lol.