• We’re trying to put things to bed around the property and are needing a couple extra pairs of hands in the form of day labor starting tomorrow, the 7th thru Sunday the 11th. $15/hour for help with burn piles and/or some light carpentry work. Feel free to text if you’re interested. 503-754-4134. Were about 7 miles up Snowden Rd. Thanks! Jenn and Eric

  • Hello all, I just wanted to put kind of an add out: I am 18 and I live with my aunt here on Snowden. I am looking for some side work as a babysitter or even pet sitting (I know that’s way different from each other) I live with a 3 year old and I have had many years of experience taking care of any ago child. If you have this kind of work please l…[Read more]

  • If you’re in Hood River during November, I hope you’ll stop by the HR library to see a selection of my photography. Gorge sunsets from the top of Burdoin, waterfalls, wildlife, birds & more. The show will move to Made in the Gorge in December.

  • Anyone know where we can gather some walnuts?

  • We hear the dog barking and we are at Sleepy Hollow & Snowden cut-off. We have been having a nocturnal animal visitor and thought it was likely a Coon since there had been quite a bit of digging in the flower bed. We set the live trap last evening thinking to relocate it. However, this morning, there was a very upset, dark grey and fat cat. We…[Read more]

    • Hi Jim, I suspect that gray cat might belong to the Georges. Speaking of digging holes: about 10-12 days ago, I was walking up my drive way and saw newly hole that was deep and about 1 ft across. As I got closer, I realized it was an underground wasp nest that had been raided! It ripped out the comb walls and left them on the top edges. We think…[Read more]

      • I”m more inclined to think it was a bear if it was an underground wasp nest — they love to eat the larvae and seem impervious to stings and bites. If a smaller hole, it might have been a skunk (they do the same thing). I’ve never seen signs of a badger in the area (Staats Road). There’s Badger Peak (and lake) up out of Cougar but I’ve never…[Read more]

        • aha! I thought it might have been bear but then the badger idea came up. I have not seen any in this area either. I do know that some folks in Underwood believe they have seen fishers on their property in the past year.

    • Hi Neighbor! We have not seen badger. However, we have seeN several weasel the past few months. Along with them, there was a TOTAL reduction of squirrels in the back yard. With your BIG CAT report, we have taken to reducing the “outside time ” of our small black cat. We fear she would make too tasty a snack ; )

    • We have not had any eyeball contact with bear this year. However we had scat in the driveway about 6 weeks ago and scat at the back porch 2 weeks ago. The holes in Carol’s flower beds were way too small for bear. I still suspect possum of weasel

    • We have seen Fishers on our place (Acme) and regularly see the dug up yellow jacket nests in Fall. I had thought Bears did that as they seem more common. We’ve also seen the “Rubber Boa” snake a couple times. Who knew a (small) Boa constrictor was part of the scenery !?!

    • I’m pretty sure that skunks are digging up the wasp nests. I’ve had two such holes in my yard this year. I had pet skunks once, long story, but they’re amazing diggers and the do love larvae, caterpillars, and other crawlies. It never occurred to me that it could be a different creature eating wasps. I DO need a critter cam!

  • Does anyone have a clue about the non-stop dog barking on Sleepy Hollow Rd and Acme Rd?

  • My partner was coming home from work today and saw a young cougar cub (25-30 lbs) crossing Sleepy Hollow Rd, heading NE near the Dennis gravel pit. Didn’t see the mom, but she was likely close by.

    • There are two of them! And I saw them twice today, didn’t see a mom either. One of them looked like it was moving pretty slowly. Both times they were in the road around the same area and went off into the bushes when I came close

  • Chuck Kliesh posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 6 months ago

    The Fall fest in Odell is the 20&21st of Oct. I am so excited that I forgot to add the dates!

  • Chuck Kliesh posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 6 months ago

    Hi All, I am glad to announce that the Hood River Art Club is again showing their work at the fall festival in Odell at the Fair grounds. We are in the gym. A few of our members are from Snowden and White Salmon! Hope to see you all there !

  • Has anyone had problems with candidate sign theft? We own a triangle of property just west of Cottontail Ridge Road, 3 miles up Snowden. This is private property that we put our signs on and we have twice had them stolen. If you happen to see anyone taking these signs down, please let us know? There are more signs with the same candidates…[Read more]

  • I’m thinning out my strawberry patch and have lots of plants to give away. Call me at 493-2006 to claim some of them.

  • The big brown llama that some of us have seen roaming the neighborhood showed up in my front yard this morning. Anybody know who the owner is? My dog insisted on chasing him off our property, so watch out on Snowden Road please!

    • Dawn, about where was that llama?

      • About 12 miles up Snowden, just past the Sleepy Hollow Road turnoff. But that was on Friday. I’ve also seen the llama farther up Snowden, and have heard reports from people on Sleepy Hollow and Lyle-Snowden who have seen him (or her). I have a friend who already has a few other llamas and might be willing to take another one, and I also know…[Read more]

    • Just a few days ago I saw someone fetching him with a trailer on Card Road. He’s been out and about for a while then.

  • Representatives from EMS, WS Pool Park District and Klickitat County Fire District #3 spoke last night at the Cherry Lane Fire Hall #32. Attendees appreciated the chance to have adequate time for discussion of each of the 3 ballot measures. To date, there has been no other site allowing these 3 groups the opportunity to share their knowledge at…[Read more]

  • I want to post information about our Klickitat County Fire District3 Capitol Bond which we will vote on in the November 6 election. The key fire levy questions are answered briefly but there is more information on the website kcfd3.com
    1. What is the bond money to be used for? All bond money will be used for purchase of safety equipment,…[Read more]

  • The Snowden Community Council meeting for October is this Thursday evening, the 4th, at 7 PM at the Cherry Lane Fire Station.
    Everyone is welcome. The agenda and the minutes of the September annual meeting can be found on this site under the tab “Resources/Info” and then click on Snowden Council.

  • The Snowden Community Council is sponsoring a forum regarding the three local ballot measures affecting our area on Wednesday, Oct.10th, 7:00 P.M. at the Cherry Lane Fire Station. The purpose of the Council’s forum is solely to provide fact-based information to the Snowden community. Speakers, whether subject to Washington Public Disclosure…[Read more]

  • We got an unannounced visit from two Forest Service employees around 7 p.m. a couple of night ago. They said they were “going around to all the neighbors,” passing out information about prescribed burns planned for this fall. Three of the burn areas are along Courtney Road, and a fourth is near Bristol. They are also planning some pile burning at…[Read more]

  • Did somebody hit a deer on Snowden Road on Friday night, in the northbound lane just past the turnoff for Sleepy Hollow Road? I found a lot of debris on the road the next morning: broken glass, a Japanese hydraulic gauge, a heavy metal base with telescoping poles, a few plastic parts. That curve is a spot where deer frequently cross the road.

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