Snowden Community Group

Snowden Community Group

  • Did somebody hit a deer on Snowden Road on Friday night, in the northbound lane just past the turnoff for Sleepy Hollow Road? I found a lot of debris on the road the next morning: broken glass, a Japanese hydraulic gauge, a heavy metal base with telescoping poles, a few plastic parts. That curve is a spot where deer frequently cross the road.

  • Hello,
    Our neighbors dog is missing. He is a small pug mix black dog with white and he went missing late this afternoon. The nephew is house sitting and is naturally distressed. If you see a little black and white dog please call my number. This is not the dog you usually see running on the road on lower Snowden although looks similar enough.…[Read more]


    Hi neighbors. I thought I’d post this article that appeared in the Sentinel and the Enterprise – in case you haven’t seen it. If you would like more information on the EMS Levy Renewal, I would be happy to…[Read more]

  • This morning, we found a pile of bear scat by the back step. Bruin seems to be looking for “things” to fatten up with for his long sleep. We found scat earlier this year in the driveway but that was about 300 feet away. This was right at the back door. I loaded the Winchester just in case!

  • Thanks everyone, we got somebody 🙂

  • Hello Snowden Road! In a very last-minute attempt to take one trip this season for our own sanity, Brian and I are searching for someone to look after the dogs and animals at our ranch (sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits) from Fri, Sep 21st through Mon, Sept 24th. We are located around mile 14 on Snowden, and we’d always prefer to have it be someone…[Read more]

  • Snowden Community Council’s Annual Membership Meeting is this Thursday, September 6th, at 7:00 PM at the Cherry Lane Fire Station. All residents are welcome. It’s a great time to meet some neighbors, find out what the council has been working on during the past year, and bring up issues important to you. And you can submit your name if you’re…[Read more]

  • Is there a way for the Snowden Community to exert some pressure on the Klickitat Road folks to implement some kind of permanent fix for lower Staats Road? Not-with-standing that this road is the “GPS Preferred” route to upper Snowden (every winter it seems we have to “rescue” out-of-area folks relying on their GPS), serves as the primary access…[Read more]

    • Commissioner Dave Sauter talked on the issue of some road improvements at his last visit to the Snowden Community Council. I don’t recall specifically that Staats was mentioned as he was mostly responding to someone’s question about Courtney Road. He says its quite a lengthy process to get a project on the 3, 5 or 10 years plans, but Courtney IS…[Read more]

      • As I mentioned in my post, Thursday evenings have always been a non-starter for my participation. I’ll pursue directly with the commissioners — though, given the influence of big timber in the county, I don’t much expect anything to happen with regards to holding the perpetrators of the slide accountable…

  • I just bought salad and some veggies and didn’t have to drive all the way into town. Wow! What a treat that is. Here’s a shout out to They’re on Pearce Road. 509-493-1301

    • You can buy directly from them at their farm? What hours? Do they sell meats? (Asking because we grow most of our own veggies.) I checked the website but it only has info about buying from them via a CSA or the White Salmon farmers’ market.

      • Hi Dawn: if you are looking for locally raised meat, check out Treebird Organics in Troutlake. They do a drop off at the old Solstice place in Bingen every other Friday. They sell pastured beef, pork, lamb and chicken. I have been buying from them for the last year and am quite happy with their meats.

      • Best to call first. And I’m pretty sure they don’t do meat. I bought direct at their farm and they didn’t seem put out at all. Awfully nice folks.

      • If you’re looking for Snowden meat, try They’re right on Snowden Crusher Road. Call (541) 806-2718 Here’s a bit from their Facebook page “Our 21 acre farm is nestled between Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams just 12 miles NE of White Salmon, Washington. We raise pastured pork and poultry.

        Our animals also…[Read more]

      • Hi Dawn, HorseRadish Ranch up here in Snowden has wonderful pasture raised Poultry, Lamb & Rabbitt plus Eggs. Laura sells at the Hood River Market on Saturday & you can order direct or CSA. Her email is

  • Updated – White Salmon Valley Pool Metro Park District

    Hello All – We attended the White Salmon Pool Committee meeting this week and obtained some more information about the pool that we wanted to share.

    1) The latest cost estimates for a new pool are $1.7 million to $1.9 million. The committee stated that they have private donation…[Read more]

    • Thanks very much for investing your time in research, reading and writing such detailed information. This has helped me make a decision.

  • A friend of mine is selling excellent hay and has about 1-1/2 tons ready to pick up. I used to buy hay from her, but now that we’ve rehomed our equids, I don’t need hay anymore. The hay we did get from her was about the best we ever found and was reasonably priced.
    Here’s her info: Linda Burris 541-490-1648. She was wonderful to work with too.

  • White Salmon Valley Pool Park District and Property Tax Increase

    We wanted to provide this community with some facts regarding the November 2018 ballots. We will all be voting Yes or No to create a new White Salmon Valley Pool Park District which will immediately be authorized to raise our property taxes by $0.25 per $1,000 of assessed value…[Read more]

    • Thank you for your efforts researching and putting together this information. I was supportive of a new pool which I thought was the purpose of the new district. I voted against the Mt Adams Park District because it was not specific enough and did not have a purpose or plan. It sounds like this new effort is similarly unfocused and that is…[Read more]

      • Hi Sue – I submitted the same information to the editor at The Enterprise right after I posted it here. His response, while timely, was disappointing. He believes it is too early to talk about the cost of a new pool yet he does believe that a vote for the Park District is a vote for the new pool. I asked him why anyone should be expected to…[Read more]

    • Thanks for the numbers, that’s absolutely nuts. $2800 per day to operate a pool?

    • I want to start out with a little list showing how the tax would increase over a 10 year period. It would take a really long time for this to reach the amount represented by $.75/$1K. This was hard for me to visualize but with a calculator I felt better. I am not completely sure of the numbers so any help is welcome. Also to raise it more…[Read more]

    • Here are thought on the points raised by Sharon & Steve. Thank you for your comments.
      Point #1: Here is the inter-local agreement between the City of Seattle and the recently voted in Seattle Metropolitan Park District. There are provision within the agreement that address termination or ending of the agreement. This may also indicate that the…[Read more]

    • Here is the interlocal agreement between the Seattle Park District and the City of Seattle that passed in 2014. Good resource.

  • I smell smoke at 11 miles up Snowden Road. Does anyone know what that’s all about?

    • I think it’s smoke from recent wildfires drifting up from Oregon/California and also down from BC. There’s also no wind – a blessing and a curse today. I checked the Columbia Gorge Wildland & Fire Information Page (Facebook) and didn’t see any active fires nearby (thank goodness). Agree the air quality is really bad today. Hope you are holding up ok.

  • April C. George posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 3 months ago

    My husband husband saw a dog this morning while out running, and our neighbor saw it yesterday, approximately 1 3/4 mile south of the Lyle-Snowden Road intersection. No homes around there at all. The dog was medium sized, husband says white, neighbor says more light gray. Ran away from husband as if frightened.

  • Hi all. Our 5 month old blue heeler disappeared today. She usually doesn’t stray from home and fear a predator got her, but thought I’d put this out here. Snowden Crusher Plant Road. She’s a light blue with a little red in places. Please let me know if you’ve seen her. 541-806-2718

  • I am looking for firewood: 12-15 inch rounds or logs. Any sources?

  • For the last week or so there has been a female red-brown small lab mix in “party” mode at our house at Snowden & Acme Rd. Our male golden lab Cody was roaming with her, so we took him to our daughter’s in town for a few days RnR. She still wants to “party” and barks all night outside our house. Anyone know where she belongs so we can take her…[Read more]

  • For information about this afternoon’s fire that on Tunnel Road, there are updates posted on this Facebook page: I hope everyone who had to evacuate is able to return home soon. Our thoughts are with you.

  • Lois Bancroft posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 4 months ago

    We need help in laying a click & lock flooring in a 12×12 shed ASAP. Thankyou, Lois & Bob 509-493-4567

    • I think I have some of the blue plastic sheeting that goes underneath if you need more.

  • Kathy von Mosch posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 4 months ago

    Here is a link that may work on the petition. It will open in your downloads and then open there and read the petition info. I will be glad to take a call to explain further or some and get a signature. Thanks. Kathy 493-2246…[Read more]

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