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Snowden Community Group

  • Anyone need a printer? I have an Epson Artisan 835 that works fine – currently needs ink. I upgraded because of my specific printing needs. $20

  • Anyone missing a male German Shepherd? We saw him on Snowden Rd near Wiley Pond about 30 minutes ago, trailing a long brown nylon leash but were not able to catch him

  • FREE BALES OF HAY IN HUSUM (Rattlesnake Road)! We just “scored” two pickup loads of free hay near Husum. The barn-wood salvagers there are “desperate” to have the remaining hay removed so they can get at the barn floorboards. (They asked us to mention it to others [i.e., YOU]. They started with 15 tons, but quite a lot remains (aftern…[Read more]

  • In need of an experienced carpenter who can fix decorative roof/eave on the side of my manufactured home that appears to be loose and potentially falling of the side of the house. Any recommendations?

  • 9:15 am – Dark Brown llama is running down Sleepy Hollow Road. Does anyone know who it belongs to?

    • Probably the same big, brown llama I saw more than a week ago at the terminus of the Lyle-Snowden Rd. Maybe it belongs to Curtis Kinoo? I left him a phone message in case it’s his.

    • FYI: We just had a llama siting at our place: 171 Acme Rd at about 1:30 pm Friday 6/15.

  • extending sympathies to the Dennis family – “Granny” passed away at 7 this morning.

  • Also – our wonderful neighbors have decided to sell. If you know anyone interested in moving to Snowden, share this with them:

  • Hey Snowden Gardeners: I have some beautiful Genovese and Lemon Basil starts. Would love to trade for some other starts/divisions of any kind of plant: native, flowers, herbs or vegetables. Email me at

  • I just updated some of the software for this site. Let me know if y’all are seeing the Comment button now. This is hard for me to debug since I see the Comment button just fine when I’m logged in. But I’ll keep trying.

    • I’m commenting on my own post just so you don’t think I’m hallucinating when I say I see the Comment button.

    • Hi, Scott: Yes, I’m now seeing the “Comment” button once again after logging in. Thanks for the fix! Richard

      • Yea!!

        • And, Scott: With your “updating of some of the software” you may have finally fixed another vexing problem with the website. As I commented to you quite a few months ago, roughly only around 10% of the posts (then and through until earlier today – June 6) were coming into our inbox (even though we’ve continuously had everything perfectly set u…[Read more]

    • good news – you not hallucinating, Scott.

    • I have the comment tab on this computer that is ruining Windows 7. Carol’s desktop and my lap top both run Windows 10 and the comment tab does not appear on them Jim K

      • Hi, James: Is this AFTER you have logged in? (You won’t see it unless you do so.) In the current setup, you should see a “Comment” button under new posts, and a“Reply” button under previous comments of the new posts. Does this help? Richard

      • I’m on Windows 10. I see the Comment Button at the top of this thread and ‘reply’ links after each comment. I tried it in Chrome, MS Edge, and Firefox. All worked for me, but only if I am signed in.

    • Thanks Scott, I see it now too!

  • To Richard, Marisa, Sharon & Stephen & other Snowden mail route folks: We also had a few snafus with our mail about a mth ago. Informed the Postmaster who seemed seriously concerned about the problem. We haven’t had any problems lately, but how would you know for sure, since that time. Also the mail is being delivered a bit earlier in the day,…[Read more]

    • Hi, Kathy et. al.: Based on the USPS’s “Informed Delivery” (#2 in our post titled “RE: MAIL DELIVERY” in May), the mail is currently (early June) being delivered about two to three hours later than was customary. We know this because we receive a message — to the minute — whenever packages are delivered. As we are three miles up Snowden…[Read more]

    • Our mail is late – like 5:30-6. And still a few other peoples items. We have talked with the postmaster – again
      AND yes we still have bears!

      • From neighbor Jesse Calkins (June 8):
        We had at least one bear on our porch several times a few weeks ago banging around at night. It picked up our gate, we use to keep Drafty {another neighbor’s Burmese mountain dog] out of our cat food & carried it about 10 ft. in & than ate the food. Drafty wouldn’t carry the gate in like that. We had a…[Read more]

  • I logged in and do not see a comment or delete button. Only a favorite button

  • Scott: RE Sandi Deak’s not seeing the comment link (below). Hmmm, we’re currently not seeing it either (tried three different browsers), nor are we seeing the “Delete” button. Only the “Favorite” button is showing (i.e., only one of the three buttons that you show in your link). And that’s why this is not posted under YOUR comment.

  • Anybody missing a large brown llama? I saw one yesterday near the intersection of Snowden/BillMoore and Lyle-Snowden Rd. It was heading south on Lyle-Snowden.

    • Hi, Dawn: Yes, we’ve occasionally seen wandering llamas on our property (three miles up Snowden Road) for the last few years. Most recently (about two months ago), caught two of them (one as you describe) on the trail-cam near the house. Hmmm, guess they know where home is? (But we ourselves haven’t yet figured out where that is!) Richard

  • Hello!
    I don’t see a ‘comment’ link, Scott?
    I wanted to add that we live on Acme Rd and have seen bears every May for the last three years. This year, about two weeks ago, I saw two cubs and mom on our driveway! We just make sure we make lots of noise when we take a walk and they seem to steer clear. My husband grew up in Alaska so he is used to…[Read more]

  • Is there anyone dealing eggs? We’d like to find a way to pick up a dozen or more once a week.


  • Jessica posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Would love to hire someone for a few days of basic weeding. Please let me know if you know of someone. Thank you. jessicaoc@

  • We were visited at our back fence Wednesday the 23rd by a bear. This visitor was cinnamon in color and about 250 pounds. It did nothing to indicate aggressiveness but hung around for perhaps 15 minutes. We are at Sleepy Hollow Rd and Snowden Cutoff. This is the first bear closeup in over two years. Jim & Carol Keightley

    • From our neighbor (Yotam Aviv) 3 miles up Snowden Road — June 6:
      Howdy, good neighbors,
      I just wanted to alert y’all that 2 small brown bears just got at my chicken feed. No animals were hurt, but it did take some determined waving and shouting to get the bear to back off. (The other bear was off in the distance between my place and Richard and…[Read more]

  • We received an e-mail notification today that James Phillips was released from Klickitat County Jail. He was confined there after committing an attempted home invasion to our home. It was brought to my attention by a number of sources that he has become extremely violent and should be avoided. In the past he wore dark grey clothing and usually…[Read more]

  • With mixed emotions about leaving Snowden, we are moving into White Salmon and have a tractor to sell. We used it to plow snow on our road with a steep grade. It is a John Deere 870 diesel model with a 440 front end loader, rear blade attachment, and 4X4 traction. Price $10,000, but willing to negotiate. Call 509-493-1384 if interested.

  • I came across a post on the White Salmon Happenings FaceBook page regarding a neighbor on Tunnel Rd that has lost her Mini Schnauzer. Her name is Teigha Mondragon. I don’t have her contact info, but am hoping folks can help her find her puppy.

    • As update to this post. Please call 858-380-8386 if you find their puppy, they are very worried. It’s been out since 7:30 this morning, Thursday the 10th. His name is Bentley. The vets and shelters have been notified, hope folks can help reunite this puppy with it’s humans!

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