Snowden Community Group

Snowden Community Group

  • My son, Gabe, is available for baby sitting, and possibly home/pet sitting. He is a very mature 16yr. Please contact our home # 509-493-0444. He does not drive yet (taking drivers ed currently). We live up Snowden about 7 miles out of WS.

  • Missing black lab Update: Koda is home! He was picked up by a kind neighbor and spent the weekend on holiday. He even got a bath! Thank you to all who kept an eye out. Our clan is whole again

  • Missing black lab: Koda is a 3 yr old black lab. He went missing on Friday Oct. 13th around noon, near the Snowden Rd and Statts Rd intersection. He is missing his collar, but responds well to his name. If you have any information about him, please contact Nik or Katrina at (509) 493-1832 or He is a greatly missed member of our…[Read more]

    • I’ll be sure to keep an eye out in case he comes to play with Daisy again. Sweet dog, I hope he shows up safe and sound.

  • One more item regarding the James Phillips incident at our home back in March. The court judgement rendered against him included an exclusion area within 1,000 yards of the intersection of Sleepy Hollow Road and Snowden Cutoff. If anyone sees him in that area, the information needs to get to the Sheriff’s Office at once. Again I recommend…[Read more]

  • Attention: Cougar Encounter, Sunday, October 9th. A 60 pound pit/mastiff mix puppy about 7 years old was killed a few feet from our neighbors house on Staats Road. Cause of death was probably a skull puncture. No eye witnesses, but probable cougar kill. Washington Fish and Wildlife investigated but told me there had been no recent reports…[Read more]

    • Oops– “Sighting Number” Not “Siting Number” — Darn homonyms anyway (though this misuse could be semantically justified, it was just plain sloppiness on my part to use the wrong homonym… 🙂 )

  • For the 2nd time this year, our property has been violated. The first time was 3-13-17 when James Phillips (a former neighbor) attempted to kick in our door to gain entry. He should have realized Carol and I were inside. He was arrested, pled guilty and served some time. He is due to complete his term this month and I will follow up and advise…[Read more]

  • Hi Folks. We have 2 primitive sleeping cabins on our place out on Acme road. These were both ransacked sometime in mid August. An odd assortment of things were stolen-most note worthy-the door to one of the cabins. It seems the thief was collecting items for a camp or cabin of their own. And while they stole the Spam, they left the tuna. They were…[Read more]

    • Kim, a couple of weeks ago what appeared to be signs of someone sleeping in the loft of our garage/shop. Some stored blankets had been spread out on the floor, the walk-in door was open when she had left it closed and latched, etc. This person is quite bold or perhaps foolish. Again I say head up neighbors Jim & Carol Keightley

    • Appreciate the heads-up. I think a couple of well placed/hidden game cameras could help local law enforcement squelch this activity. Better than laying for them. Plus you mght get a shot of that elusive cougar everyone talks about.

  • Hi, Scott:
    Any reason why occasional posts (e.g., James Keightley four days ago, ours [Marisa and Richard] yesterday, and previously a few involving the internet discussions) DON’T get sent out to those with e-mail preferences checked “YES”? (No, I didn’t do anything to change our e-mail preferences in the interim.) Richard P. S. Steide…[Read more]

    • Note: Likewise, the several additional posts/comments after my note above (Oct. 10 A. M.) are NOT coming through via e-mail What can be done, Scott? Thanks.

  • THEFTS FROM MAILBOXES. This (Oct. 10) morning, Marisa found strong evidence of theft from mailboxes in our area — especially Tunnel Road. Beside a parking area on our side-road three miles up Snowden, she found a pile of discarded mail addressed to at least five different Snowden residents. (While I only quickly glanced at the names, I did…[Read more]

    • We had outgoing mail stolen from our box years ago, including a check. Even though we noticed the theft immediately and put a stop-payment on the check, the thief was able to wash the check and use it at a Hood River gas station (where he was not required to show identification). Since then, we only mail checks or other sensitive information from…[Read more]

  • We once heard of a “home church” group in the Snowden area. Does anyone know if they are still doing that and the when/where?

  • BPL — Broadband Over Power Lines. Is it time to consider kicking Century Link, Hughesnet, DISH, etc. to the curb by providing them some real and meaningful, publicly-owned competition?

    Century Link has a completely lack-a-daisical and non-committal approach to adding DSL capability to their more remote and less densely populated areas — e.g.…[Read more]

    • I have read about rural communities as well as cities setting up their own grid in high use areas. As you suggested, the telecom industry has fought back. ALEC – the “lobbying” org for corporations has been active in writing state legislation that prevents communities and municipalities from establishing their own ISPs. Here’s an article from 2016…[Read more]

  • Did anyone else’s landline go dead the moment the power went out today? Makes me wonder whether CenturyLink forgot to change batteries in the box again.

    • Hi, Dawn: Currently at the library this (Saturday, Sept. 30) morning when the power went out also earlier here for a few minutes. But initially came here today because we (3 miles up Snowden Road) have not had land-line service (phone or internet) since YESTERDAY morning. Century-Link “promised” that it would be restored yesterday afternoon.…[Read more]

  • Scott See posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    HOW RELIABLE IS CENTURYLINK? I’m considering switching from to CenturyLink for my Internet connection. I must say, (Gen 4) has been extremely reliable and the speed is fine. But not having a quota would be wonderful. What worries me is that I’ve heard lots of horror stories about how unreliable DSL is even in town. So I…[Read more]

    • By the way, I’m 10.99 miles up the road, and a neighbor who’s a bit further up Snowden is happy with CenturyLink.

      • I’ve had both. CenturyLink is faster and more reliable. Bad weather used to affect the Internet dish. There’s a section of Century Link (I’m on it on Bates) that is still copper wire and has a number of infrastructure issues. The DSL there sucks, but it’s still better than satellite. From what I understand, the connections are much faster and mor…[Read more]

      • I apologize for not posting something sooner as this has been on my to do list for awhile, but thanks to a bunch of previous legwork our good neighbor Kyle did, I was able to reach a regional Director for CL in Vancouver and improve our DSL connection quite a bit. Much of it is based on where you are, as others have mentioned. We moved to Bates…[Read more]

        • Also – to be clear, we still have dial tone on our phone line during the two power outages we’ve experienced today, but DSL dies. I think this implies the CL equipment up here is not on back up generators. Hence, my comments about the need for a secondary connection.

    • I live on Bates Road just past Tunnel Road and just tried to order new CenturyLink internet service. Their customer service was terrible in trying to schedule a technician and once I had it scheduled, they didn’t even show up or send an email . After spending a great deal of time on the phone trying to sort out what happened, I received an email…[Read more]

    • I can’t stand CenturyLink. Terrible customer service, down complete ly at times.and slow the rest if the time. I’d switch if I could.

    • We have been on Exceed for many years. Metered for sure but we have never overrun the limit. Any problem we have ever had with weather was cleared when I swept the snow off the dish. ; ) The comments regarding Century Link correspond with my experience. I called customer service to inquire if there was a different rate from the over $75…[Read more]

  • The Sheriff’s Office is trying to locate the owner of a horse found at the corner of Bates Rd and Major Creek Rd on Sunday, September 17. Horse is a red roan. Please contact 509-773-4545 if you have information regarding the owner.

  • If anyone needs help around their place, I can recommend Nick Duchesneau 503-437-1973. Very reasonable rates. He’s been doing a lot of yard work for us, but is willing and able to do just about anything you need, from painting a room to cooking a meal and is looking for work.

  • Sue Kusch posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 1 month, 1 week ago

    We have a male black lab-type dog with no collar, some hot spots and pretty smelly show up in our yard just now. We are on Sleepy Hollow. Anyone know who might know about him? Our #493-3614.

  • The Snowden Community Council holds its annual meeting each September. It will be at the Cherry Lane Fire Station, Thursday, the 7th, at 7 PM. Come find out what the council’s been up to this past year, bring issues to the council you’d like addressed, and then let the council know if you’re interested in serving on the council. This is not an…[Read more]

  • We have an elderly friend whose rental home has been sold and she must move. We need a couple of extra people who can lift boxes for a few hours one day this weekend, perhaps Sunday or Monday. We’ll try to do it early to avoid the heat later in the day. We’ll provide the transportation. Call Judy at 509-493-2006.

  • Have canning jars that need a new and loving home? Give us a call at 3403. Jim n Carol

  • Wish I had a camera available last evening as I sat on the patio behind our house.  Below me, in the valley, was a small-ish sow bear and her two very small cubs.  She was cinnamon colored and one cub was brown while the other was black.  They were so small.  Couldn’t have been more than 20 pounds each.  They were standing on the haunches look…[Read more]

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