• Is anyone missing a homing pigeon? I have a pigeon or dove on my deck several times a day with a band on its leg. I believe I used to see a pair maybe a week ago, but now there’s just the one. Not begging for food, just hanging out on my deck. Too shy to let me get close enough to see the number, but not vary wary, as birds go. Today s/he’s on…[Read more]

  • I live on Snowden Cut Off Rd. & wanted to share Mountain Lion activity that has been intense. Couple weeks ago a mature cougar came within 75 ft. of the house & was attempting to get under my goat fence. My Maremma & I chased it off with a song & dance of screaming, stick flinging & wild barking. 3 days ago while walking in the woods on the…[Read more]

    • Last week, I was walking my dog on Snowden Cut-off and came across a very large bear who stood in the middle of the road and stared at us (near your road, Jeanne). Of course, I did the same…letting him have the advantage of the first move. He slowly moseyed across and into the field. If you heard loud and off-key singing that morning, it was me.

      • Ha Ha ! They are so magnificent. As are the cougars & the great Horned owl who has been dive bombing my chickens. 🦉

    • Thanks for the Heads Up. Our cat came running to the back door demanding immediate entry the other day. I let her in and took a look around but did not see anything. I bet she knew something I did not. We have pictures of a hue bear in our back yard and also a cougar. That is a bit near. (LOL)

    • Early this evening I went for my little jog with my dog down the Cutoff. Just as we headed up that way, Olive went nuts, sniffing the air, hackles raised, growling a bunch. Needless to say, though I saw nothing, it was enough for me to change my exercise to back and forth on our road. Bear or cougar, I’m listening to my dog.

    • Dogs always know what is best! My neighbor called last name ght to say a cougar had run in front of his truck on our shared access road.

  • We live in White Salmon, but are interested in recommendations for lawn care and general handymen in the area? Anyone have experience or connections they be willing to share?

  • Please help me find our sweet kitty. She has been missing from our home on Sleepy Hollow Rd. For a week now. She is black with stripes. Very sweet and her name is chaos let me know if you have seen her my daughter and I really miss her 541-806-4900

  • Hey Neighbors! We have a couple vacation rentals on our upper Snowden Property (http://www.tranquilatree.com) and would love to connect with someone nearby to help give our caretaker a break — up to 4 times/month with guest turnovers (i.e. cleaning and preparing a cabin for our next guests). We provide all supplies and there are laundry…[Read more]

  • We have a 32″ Flat Screen Emerson TV that is surplus to our needs. Remote and manual. Works as new. Listing here first hoping to go to a neighbor. $50, you haul and it is yours. Jim & Carol 493 3403

  • Sue Kusch posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 1 month ago

    And last post today:
    I have a ceiling light fixture with “fake” stained glass shade that I found in the barn. Free!

  • Sue Kusch posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 1 month ago

    Who needs a never-used commercial chafing dish? Not me! How about you?

  • Sue Kusch posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 1 month ago

    Hey folks: Downsizing continues! I have a beautiful Craftsman-style reddish oak queen size bed frame with headboard/back board. Has some small scratches and one large scratch that no one will ever notice. $50 Email me for a photo.

  • Is anyone using Spectrum internet services? If so, can you tell me if you get decent internet services? Thanks!

    • Haha… I should be so lucky to have choices. It’s either CenturyLink or one of the satellite companies. And I’m grateful for that. Until recently, CenturyLink didn’t reach this far for Internet.

  • Hi folks: Anyone interested in computer hutch for free? I can send photos via email.

    Computer/Mini Office Hutch
    I used this for years as a mini-office/billpaying center. It has enough storage to keep track of monthly bills, receipts, and a central place for quick access to items used daily or weekly. It’s 15 years old so has some scratches h…[Read more]

  • Hello,
    We are missing our grey cat, Smokey, since Monday, June 24. We live at Bates and Bristol roads, and would appreciate any leads you may have. There are a lot of ways a cat can go missing, but we hope she’s just hanging out with a neighbor.
    Thank you!

  • The pile of discarded household items (refrigerator etc.) at the intersection of Snowden and Staats Roads seems to be growing. I don’t know whether someone is collecting things there and planning to dispose of them later, “offering” these items to passersby, or simply dumping them and expecting someone else to clean up the mess. In any case, it’s…[Read more]

  • Dawn Stover posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 3 months ago

    Anyone else experiencing slowdowns or gaps in mail delivery? We have noticed that Netflix DVDs seem to be taking 2-3 days longer to arrive than just a few months ago. Some days we get no mail at all, which is a noticeable change for us.

    • Hi Dawn, et. al.:
      Yes, we also have been quite disappointed with the decrease in quality of mail delivery the last couple of years or so. Among the changes: erratic delivery times (sometimes four or more hours later than was customary), no deliveries as anticipated (from the USPS daily e-mails to us*), considerably more items mis-delivered…[Read more]

      • Thanks for letting me know about Informed Delivery; it’s the first I’ve heard of it and it appears to be a free service.

        According to a chart I found online at USPS, Hamilton became postmaster of the White Salmon post office in April 2017. In September 2018, Elizabeth Slotterbeck was appointed Officer-in-Charge (which seems to be a de facto…[Read more]

        • We have experienced the same frustrating examples you site: no mail at all on some days which is completely out of the norm for us, much misdelivered mail, erratic delivery times. We were told by someone (sorry that I can’t remember who) that those who bid to become rural delivery carriers must pass tests much as the onsite employees do, but…[Read more]

    • We surely do understand the feeling of inadequacy expressed. We have Informed Delivery. Friday, we received the usual e-mail advising that we were to receive mail. NOTHING!!! I checked again Saturday morning to be sure the delivery was not super late and there still was nothing in the box. I do not believe that the delivery person ever…[Read more]

    • Yes, we waited about two weeks longer than expected for a delivery of a package of important documents.

      • Apparently we have a new postmaster for White Salmon, Brandon Labay, appointed in mid-March. I tried calling him today but he is out on vacation until next week. The pattern that I have been experiencing is that some days my husband and I get no mail at all (which hardly ever happened in the past) and then on the following day we get a surge of…[Read more]

  • We have some “hold over” items from the day when we had five children in various stages of high school or beyond. It seemed we were spending many hours on very hard stadium bleachers. We have and no longer need;
    Folding seats that attach to bleachers and provide back rest. etc. There are two of them.
    Back pack style BEACH CHAIR
    These are free…[Read more]

  • Gardeners from Snowden and White Salmon invite you to our
    8am – 2pm corner of Main and Green in White Salmon
    This isn’t your usual plant sale – we’re 10 Gorge gardeners growing everything ourselves in our home gardens.
    Come for really interesting and unusual stuff at
    great prices!
    Many Vegetable Starts, Lemon…[Read more]

  • Hi All~ We are in need of a “Honey Do”. My sweetie was injured shoveling snow this year, and is still recuperating! Gah. We need help with everything from gardening, tree removal, weeding, brush burns, to aiding in clearing trails. Our dream person, someone with a casual schedule, perhaps even weekdays, loves the outdoors, and is happy to lea…[Read more]

  • Hey Folks: this bill has made it through both chambers and is headed to the Governor for signature. Could be a good thing for internet access. Be sure to check out the comments on the…[Read more]

    • I hope they respect the current definition of broadband. I’m lucky to have 4mbs. The current minimum is 25mbs.

      Jan. 29, 2015, 11:03 AM PST / Updated Jan. 29, 2015, 11:03 AM PST / Source: Reuters
      U.S. regulators on Thursday raised the standard for high-speed Internet, voting that only connections with download speeds of 25 megabits per second…[Read more]

      • Mind you, one megabit is 1/8 megabyte. Megabits are used for speed measurement to make the speed sound eight times faster to those non-geeky folks who don’t know a bit from a byte. In other words, most everyone.

  • Hey Folks: this bill has made it through both chambers and is headed to the Governor for signature. Could be a good thing for internet access. Be sure to check out the comments on the…[Read more]

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