Snowden Community Group

Snowden Community Group

  • I have a restaurant sized Cuisinart blender that needs a new home. It’s too big for the two of us and my arthritic hands can no longer lift it. Low price.
    Does anyone mow fields? or cut and bale,?or have any 4 footed critters that tie out to munch down the field?
    We have a new wildlife critter. I’ve seen it a couple of times but didn’t know…[Read more]

  • There is a small black dog roaming the shoulder of Snowden just before the cemetery, seems a bit out of plane on a dark road.

  • Anybody know where I can buy a half-dozen bales of straw or hay? Old ones would be fine; to be used for mulch, not animal feed.

    • Thanks to this bulletin board, we heard from a neighbor who wanted to sell some old bales to make way for new ones, so it was a perfect match.

  • Hay Neighbors! For the first time this year, we have found bear scat in our driveway at 150 Sleepy Hollow Rd

  • Hi neighbors! Thought you’d all like to see some trail cam footage of a bear that’s been cruising around Bates Rd. lately. There are a couple of middle of the night still shots and a morning video here:!Aik2HXaVWOdogeFDzSZjZumHxhbjDg

    • It could be the same bear we saw Friday afternoon right ON Bates just coming off our property (225). The one we saw may have been a bit bigger. We’ve also seen him twice on the north side of our property, also during the day. Don’t have our trail cameras up so far.

      • Hi Lance – we’re right across the street from you almost (206), so it sounds like these bears are going north/south.

        • Yes….this Major Creek/Catherine Creek is quite a wildlife corridor.
          We have identified as many as 7 different bear in a season on our property. Another family on Bates counted 13 different bear on their field.

    • Very cool photos. Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen a bear like that cross the road once last year and once this spring – near the fire station, and I saw it once last year while hiking across the street from my house (27 Bates).

    • He came to visit a couple nights this weekend on Nash Rd. right before garbage pick up and decorated our hillside. Also carted off a 30 gallon trash can with 40lbs of chicken feed in it. Didn’t bother any of the animals though.

    • Wednesday 8:28 AM….we’re standing on our back deck right now watching a much bulkier bear. He appears to be grazing on some ground cover of some kind.

    • This (June 8 ) morning, encountered a medium-sized black bear (looked a bit bigger than the one in Reid’s video) standing about 200 feet away on the SDS road south of Bates/west of Tunnel. We stared each other down for at least a minute before it finally slowly turned to amble off into the woods eastward towards Tunnel. After walking the w…[Read more]

  • Beth Robison posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 1 month ago

    The White Salmon Seventh Day Adventist church is hosting a Red Cross blood drive on May 31 from 12:30 to 6:00pm. They are committed to strengthening our community and helping meet patient needs through blood donations and helping to save lives.
    Call Beth Robison at 509-365-3703 for an appointment.
    There’s no better feeling than knowing that your…[Read more]

  • Jennifer Sharp posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 1 month ago

    Any local musicians looking for a gig in June? Acoustic, bluegrass, folk music preferred.

  • Jennifer Sharp posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 1 month ago

    If anyone is making a scrap metal recycling run let us know. We’ve been making a pile and would love to contribute it to someone who wants to take the time to grab it.

  • I fall on my sword. I screwed up big time. I gave the wrong photo credit for the sunset you see in the background. Lois Bancroft sent it to me. You can see more of her extraordinary photography at Sorry Lois… : (

  • Council Agenda for Thursday night is now posted!

  • Hi,

    I’m looking for someone to build a pole barn/equipment shed and would love any referrals. I’m at 80 Bates Rd if anyone has a suggestions. Thanks!


    • Hi, Duncan:
      This past summer/fall, we had a 20’ X 60’ metal shed erected. The shed was made by Pioneer Steel from near Toronto. (You’ve perhaps seen the monthly ads for Pioneer along with two other companies in the “Ruralite”.) A steel shed is perhaps not what you are after. But here are our details. We initially did have difficult…[Read more]

  • Thank you, Linda Steider, for the gorgeous photo that’s now the background image on this site.

  • Snowden Council meets this Thursday, May 4th, at 7 PM at the Cherry Lane Fire Station. See above for Resources/Info, then click on Snowden Council, then Council Minutes for draft minutes of the busy April meeting.

    • Is it possible to also post the agenda for upcoming meetings (e.g., for May 4)? Would be very helpful and potentially entice more residents to come to the meetings. The last agenda I see here (at 4 P. M., May 3) is for Sept. 2016. R

  • Does anyone know of someone who’d be interested in scooping donkey poop, weeding, planting, raking, yard cleanup, and so on? If so, send ’em my way. (

  • P. S. (the “Comment” button) While I am not particularly computer-literate, would(n’t) it be a quite simple matter to change a protocol in the program to allow comments to be displayed (i.e., along with the posts) withOUT first needing to log in*? Would think so —? And IF so, then Scott’s suggestion to use the “Comment” button would becom…[Read more]

    • I just switched the Theme. Let’s see if that fixes the glitch.

    • Good news, the new theme does fix the glitch. Strange… the previous theme was actually from BuddyPress, the plugin that powers this post/comment thing in the first place. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

      • A welcome fix — thanks! This will certainly encourage members to comment directly under posted threads rather than opening a new thread to do so. (You’ve encouraged members to do this at least twice these past couple of years.) Do note that in the current format (April 30) which Scott is still working on, the “Comment” button has been replace…[Read more]

    • I think I’ve worked out most of the bugs on this new theme, but please do let me know if you’re having trouble finding anything on this site. It’s a bit bland. Anyone have some gorgeous Snowden photos? Lois??

  • Random notice, but we are missing one of our daughter’s pink ballet shoes, and since we found one of them along Bates Road, we think the other probably flew off the top of the car and may be nearby. If anyone has found a small ballet slipper along Bates Road or Snowden Road, please let us know. And they just cut down the shoe tree too! Thanks.

  • Hi, Scott et. al. RE: Your suggestion to use the “Comment” button. This is fine IF you only want the person(s) who made a post to see it. Otherwise, comments never show up unless you physically sign in first. (And how many of us actually do that unless we ourselves specifically intend to post/comment?) After all, some comments MAY/DO hav…[Read more]

    • I stand corrected. My browser automatically logs me in, so I’ve never seen the site while not logged in. I’ve researched this and it seems it’s a bug in the Plugin I use, BuddyPress. I’ll try to fix that.

  • Hi y’all. There are a lot of Posts the are really replies to other Posts. It’s really hard to follow. If you’re replying to a Post, there’s a Comment button below the post. That’ll keep discussions together.

  • Lois Bancroft posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 2 months ago

    I’ve called & emailed him too with no response.

    • I called K2 News tonight about Weyerhauser spraying. It could happen next week because they are waiting for drier weather & wind at no more than 5mph. The person I spoke to seemed quite interested . She asked if I would be willing to be on TV & since I am not the primary mover in this & since I’m not the only one with serious concern, I suggest…[Read more]

      • Hi Bob – I agree with you – I am opposed to aerial spraying but am not sure where it is going to occur. I finally did get an email response (after leaving a more demanding voicemail) from Chris and unbelievably he simply cut and pasted responses from their website. The strategy is apparently to fake interest in residents’ concerns and then just…[Read more]

        • Sue:
          I called KATU news yesterday & now they are not interested because “Weyerhauser isn’t doing anything illegal”. Would you be interested in contacting any other press?

  • Sue Kusch posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 2 months ago

    I have emailed Chris twice and have not rec’d any responses. Is there a place where I can get more specific information about the dates and location of the spraying?
    thanks much for keeping us in the loop,

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