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  • I’m curious about the origins and history of Staats Road — When it was made, for what purpose, and for/by whom? Does anyone know the history of Staats Road and/or Stauch Road? Parts of Staats Road sometimes shows up as Stauch Road on some maps — both physical and virtual. The old Snowden Saw Mill and lumber camp (very dilapidated cook…[Read more]

  • Laura Bazzetta posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 1 month ago

    Hello Neighbors! We are moving a few miles down Snowden in a couple of weeks and are parting with some of our farm/homesteading equipment, if you’re interested in checking out what we have available please feel free to take a look at our spreadsheet and contact us directly. Thanks!…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone I’m searching for some house cleaning work so if anyone in the Snowden area needs their house cleaned let me know. Thanks

    • Ashlie has been helping me with feeding my goats & dog. She has been so wonderful! Always on time, great communication, & my dog who is a large fussy Guardian Flock dog loves her! I would recommend her for any job.

  • We have had several visits by black cats. We have one of our own (black cat) and are keeping her inside. One of the visiting blacks was fairly small. The second was quite large leading us to wonder if it could be a Pixie, a cross between a Bob cat and a domestic. At the time of the sighting a couple of weeks ago, the Pixie (?) was engaging the…[Read more]

  • Jennifer Sharp posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 2 months ago

    Planting a seed here. We are getting ready to replace the house that was on our property until it fell in the heavy snow we had a couple years back, but we have a couple things to tackle before we break ground. In the mean time we are wondering if there is anyone who might be interested in renting their home for the 2020/2021 school year. We…[Read more]

  • Hi, Scott:
    I See (pun intended) that your property on Snowden Road just came on the market (Sept. 20). Are you, as Webmaster of the SCG, leaving us here in Snowden, or —? Wishing you well, regardless. Richard

    • Yes, it’s true. And we’ve had one offer come in just days after the For Sale sign went up. But I’ll be happy to keep http://www.snowdencommunity.org up and running. And I’ve got lots of connections to this area, so I won’t be a stranger.

  • James Keightley posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 2 months ago

    One other item. We had a a couple of wind fall trees in the wooded area to our west. They seem to be about the right size for wood heat. Since we no longer heat with with wood, these are available to any of our neighbors who are interested. 493 3403

  • James Keightley posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 2 months ago

    Greetings neighbors. Carol & I have an Exercycle that neither of us can use any longer. (Arthritis) We paid just under $300 for it. It operates in recumbent, upright (with arms) and as a stepper. There is an onboard computer to assist with regimen. Owners manual and power supply goes with it. You haul ; ) Come and get it 493 3403

  • I’m new in the area and looking for recommendations for an auto shop to look at my Isuzu Rodeo for general maintenance, oil changes etc. Who do you use?

  • I need my roof pressure washed. Does anyone know of someone around here who does this kind of stuff? I’m in a A-Frame. (1099 Snowden) Thanks…

  • A black and white floppy-eared goat has taken up residence with a bull and some horses at 25 Bates Road. It has a collar. Does anyone know who the owner is?

  • At 12:12 PM Tuesday the 27th, we had a very large coyote wander across our back yard. He paused a few moments looking at our cat
    (Middie). At that point, the wife and I appeared t the back door and coyote left. We live at the intersection of Sleepy Hollow and Snowden Cutoff roads.

  • Does anyone have spent baling twine laying around they don’t need? I use it for tying up cardboard for recycling. But now that we don’t have any donkeys/horse, I’ve run out of baling twine from the bales.

  • Barbara Bailey posted an update in the group Group logo of Snowden Community GroupSnowden Community Group 3 months ago

    Is anyone missing a homing pigeon? I have a pigeon or dove on my deck several times a day with a band on its leg. I believe I used to see a pair maybe a week ago, but now there’s just the one. Not begging for food, just hanging out on my deck. Too shy to let me get close enough to see the number, but not vary wary, as birds go. Today s/he’s on…[Read more]

  • I live on Snowden Cut Off Rd. & wanted to share Mountain Lion activity that has been intense. Couple weeks ago a mature cougar came within 75 ft. of the house & was attempting to get under my goat fence. My Maremma & I chased it off with a song & dance of screaming, stick flinging & wild barking. 3 days ago while walking in the woods on the…[Read more]

    • Last week, I was walking my dog on Snowden Cut-off and came across a very large bear who stood in the middle of the road and stared at us (near your road, Jeanne). Of course, I did the same…letting him have the advantage of the first move. He slowly moseyed across and into the field. If you heard loud and off-key singing that morning, it was me.

    • Thanks for the Heads Up. Our cat came running to the back door demanding immediate entry the other day. I let her in and took a look around but did not see anything. I bet she knew something I did not. We have pictures of a hue bear in our back yard and also a cougar. That is a bit near. (LOL)

    • Early this evening I went for my little jog with my dog down the Cutoff. Just as we headed up that way, Olive went nuts, sniffing the air, hackles raised, growling a bunch. Needless to say, though I saw nothing, it was enough for me to change my exercise to back and forth on our road. Bear or cougar, I’m listening to my dog.

    • Dogs always know what is best! My neighbor called last name ght to say a cougar had run in front of his truck on our shared access road.

  • We live in White Salmon, but are interested in recommendations for lawn care and general handymen in the area? Anyone have experience or connections they be willing to share?

  • Please help me find our sweet kitty. She has been missing from our home on Sleepy Hollow Rd. For a week now. She is black with stripes. Very sweet and her name is chaos let me know if you have seen her my daughter and I really miss her 541-806-4900

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