September 6, 2018 ANNUAL MEETING
Cherry Lane Fire Station

Council Members Attending: Lance Beckman, Bob Connor, Roger Gadway, Timi Keene, Lloyd Olson, Janet Turner.
Council Members Absent: Judy Kliesh,, Tom Montag Twelve guests were present.

Meeting called to order at 7:07 p.m. by Chair Gadway.

MINUTES: With no corrections or additions the minutes of the June meeting were approved as read.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The following monthly report was approved: Beginning balance 6/7/18: $1,336.59, Donations: $31.00, Expenses None, Ending balance 9/6/18: $1,367.59.


SELF-INTRODUCTIONS OF SNOWDEN RESIDENTS IN ATTENDANCE: There were some new residents and some long term residents.

ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES; The minutes of the September 7, 2017 meeting were approved as presented.

ANNUAL TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Annual Recap showed a beginning balance on September 1, 2017 of $1,288.59, Annual Income of $229.00, Annual Expenses of $150.00, and an ending balance on August 31, 2018 of $1,367.59. The report was accepted as presented.

ANNUAL RECAP OF COUNCIL ACTIVITY: This recap of activities from September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018, was presented and becomes a part of these minutes.



FIRE DISTRICT #3 REPORT: Bob Connor, one of the three fire district commissioners who set policy and oversee spending reported on current activities of FD#3. There was discussion from guests regarding what can be burned (slash only, not trash), when it can be burned, and the limitations of the size of the fire. Recommendation was made to look into the Firewise Program administered by the Underwood Conservation District. Suggestions made by attendees: put up more burn ban signs and to continue to educate the public (especially new residents) on the rules via some measure, perhaps even putting inserts in to PUD bills. The Fire Commissioners meet on the second Thursday of every month at 6:30 at the Fire Hall in Husum and everyone is welcome to attend the meetings. Bob explained the difference between levy and a bond issue. A levy is set at so much per thousand dollars of property value and it goes on forever. A bond is for specific items for a specific amount of time.


CWPP: Report by Judy Beckman and Etta Hepner on the August 30th meeting at the Pioneer Center. Just three couples attended the meeting. The low attendance was likely because it conflicted with an Eagle Creek Fire meeting in Hood River. Klickitat County Emergency Management is updating and revising the County Wildfire Protection Plan and in doing so hired a consulting firm to work through the process. The meeting was an opportunity for residents to give input to the consulting firm. For instance, Hepner discovered some communities mislabeled.

NO EVACUATION NOTICES ON TUNNEL ROAD FIRE: No evacuation notices or alerts of any kind were sent out by the Klickitat County Emergency Management (KCEMS) office regarding the July 31st fire on Tunnel Road. Judy Beckman contacted KCEMS manager Jeff King who reported that it is not their call on when alerts or notices should be sent out. That responsibility belongs to the Sheriff’s office and the two deputies on the scene made the decision to go door-to-door to the close neighbors and not alert anyone else. The EMS office will have discussions about this with the Sheriff’s office believing that general alarms should have been sent. Beckman later discussed this with Sheriff Bob Songer, who agreed that notices should have been sent that day. The wind was strong and coming from the southwest so there were many homes in that path that could have been in harm’s way should the fire not have been brought under control as quickly as it was. Songer said it would be a part of the discussions with staff that the EMS should have been instructed to send out alerts.

LEVY ISSUES: Timi Keene suggested that the council set a date prior to the ballots going out to sponsor an informational meeting, giving each of the four ballot issues a half hour floor time to explain their positions. Another suggestion was made that the presentations be posted online so that those who cannot attend could still learn about it.
A couple who attended tonight did so because they have much information about the Metropolitan Park District’s pool measure. They distributed an informational piece to attendees of the meeting. Sandy Montag moved that we use the next council meeting be used for this purpose. There was no second. Monday October 15th there will be a power point presentation on the Fire District bond at the library. Montag amended her motion to suggest that we have a forum at the Fire Station but outside of the council meeting. Turner seconded. Motion carried. Keene will contact experts from each levy issue.

Donations: $87,00

Meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m.

Respectively Submitted,

Judy Beckman, Secretary Pro-Tem