I have just receive two phone calls from people on Snowden saying that they have received a letter from me asking them to join an organization that is something like “Next Door”.  I have not seen the letter so cannot say exactly what it says.

I did not send this letter nor do I endorse this organization nor did I provide anybody with names or addresses or people on Snowden.

Because I did access their website to see if this organization was trying to be a competitor to snowdencommunity.org, there could be the possibility that I have been hacked…..but I maintain no data on my computer about any Snowden neighbors.  I have no such address lists, or names of people of Snowden residents, nor do I have files on phone numbers.

My apologies to anybody who is confused by what looks my endorsement of this group.   I assure you I am not endorsing them, nor asking any of my neighbors and friends to join this group.

Judy Beckman

225 Bates Road

White Salmon, WA 98672