Snowden Community Council Minutes
September 7, 2017
Cherry Lane Fire Station

Council Members Attending: Lance Beckman, Bob Connor, Roger Gadway, Timi Keene, Judy Kliesh, Tom Montag, Lloyd Olson..
Council Members Absent: Janet Turner. Seven guests were present.

Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m.


MINUTES: The August minutes were read and approved.


The following report was approved: Beginning balance 7/31/17: $1,407.00 Donations: $20.00, Expenses $138.41 Ending balance 9/7/17: $1,288.59.


Minutes of 2016 Annual Meeting: Minutes of the September, 2016, were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: 1207.00, plus 220.00, expenses $138.41, Balance 1288.59

Activity Report: Gadway read the activity report which will become a part of these minutes.


Fire District #3 Report: Jerry Nelson, Fire District 3 Assistant Chief, reported on the current Eagle Creek Fire. He showed the council an Incident Action Plan. This 35-page report is re-done daily so that every- one knows what the plan is for that day. There are currently 40,000 acres burning and 1,000 firemen are staged at the fairgrounds in Odell. Another 500 firemen are expected to be on duty by next week. Jerry brought a detailed map showing the current boundaries of the fire and showed the map points at which concern would be raised for the safety of Hood River. Chief Long and Secretary Roz Plum have been working hard to get all information on to the Facebook page. But it’s hard because all of their resources are being focused on actual fire-fighting.
There are two new tender drivers that have been trained so water can be brought up to Snowden more quickly. There is one new firefighter who has already been trained and is a paramedic. He lives in this area.

County Commissioners: Beckman will be meeting with the County Commissioners on Tuesday, October 17th, at 2 PM. Beckman will be presenting the annual activity report.


RR and News: Chuck Kliesh called one of the television stations about whether the train traffic should have been terminated during this current fire. They had been stopped from passing through for a short period of time but are running again, though very slowly. The decision was made to get commerce moving again. Kliesh was disappointed that there was little said about this. Some council members had heard reports on National Public Radio.

Community Response to Fire Situations: Beckman proposed the council consider some sort of donation to some area of the firefighting efforts. Diane Gadway moved, and Lance Beckman seconded to donate $150 to the Red Cross specifically for local aid on the Washington side if possible. Motion carried.

Emergency Notifications: Keene was concerned that there has been no notification to the public of any facet of this fire, including the poor air quality. HR County had a big meeting tonight at their school with the county commissioners. One resident expressed a desire to know the specific effects of breathing this heavy smoke-laden air.

Donations: $37.00

Meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.

Respectively Submitted,

Judy Beckman, Secretary Pro-Tem