Wish I had a camera available last evening as I sat on the patio behind our house.  Below me, in the valley, was a small-ish sow bear and her two very small cubs.  She was cinnamon colored and one cub was brown while the other was black.  They were so small.  Couldn’t have been more than 20 pounds each.  They were standing on the haunches looking around over the tall grasses.  Occasionally Mama stood up too just to be sure that everything was in order.  We didn’t set the motion detector camera up yet, but are guessing she may have just drunk from the water barrel we had  filled the evening before.  The barrel is way down below the house, back at the edge of some trees.   We can fill it from the well house without going down to the barrel so most of the wildlife feel pretty comfortable going there.  What a treat to see this!