Snowden Community Council Minutes

April 6, 2017

Cherry Lane Fire Station




Council Members Attending:   Lance Beckman, Bob Connor, Roger Gadway, Timi Keene, Judy Kliesh, Tom Montag, Janet Turner.  Council Members Absent: Lloyd Olson.    Nine guests were present.


Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.






MINUTES:      On motion of Montag and a second by Keene, the minutes of the December meeting were approved.





The following report was approved:  Beginning balance 12/1/16:     $1,275    Donations:  $30.00      Ending balance 4/6/17:     $1,305






Technology Committee – No official report but Sandy Montag had recently checked with Centurylink and learned they are not yet connected.


Fire District #3:  Construction is underway on a new bathroom with a working toilet and a shower. Firemen will now be able to shower here before returning home after a fire.   A new furnace has been installed, allowing the firemen to be able to work on equipment during the winter time.


Snowden/KCFD3 Sign for lower Snowden Road:  Keene reported that the contract for the sign at the foot of Snowden (around the Wnuk area) that will be shared by the Fire District and the Snowden Council, had not made it on to the FD#3 agenda.  Chief Long assured Keene the commissioners would review it at their next meeting.


Status of the Community Council: Beckman reported that the long winter prevented the visit to the county commissioners.  It will be planned for the near future.





Training on Land Use Planning: Trout Lake had completed their land use plan about five years ago but were never notified that there had been a determination of non-significance, meaning that their plan was approved and valid.   This brought up the idea that there should be more planning for new council members, giving them an outline to follow.  Pat Arnold, from Trout Lake, asked if the council was interested in adding the Snowden Council name to sponsoring this project. County Commissioner Dave Sauter said that they are fairly committed to keeping the current small districts.   Keene moved that the council sign on to be a sponsor of this program.   Turner seconded.  Motion carried.  Arnold also noted that a meal will be served and the council could contribute to that as well.


Weyerhauser Spraying of Chemicals:  Several people met today with Weyerhauser but made little headway was made at that meeting.  They will continue to spray and they say they are going to be careful and do some ground cover.  Those who initiated this meeting are living near the Staats Road area, but others were in attendance as well.  Monsanto company is the manufacturer of glysophate and recently lost a California law suit in which that state determined this chemical is going to be listed as a carcinogen.   Glysophate is commonly known as RoundUp, but it may not be the only chemical and a cocktail of chemicals may be used.

Chris Rasor, Weyerhauser liaison and Brian Schlaefli, Weyerhauser, silviculture forester are the contact people for Weyerhauser.  They are spraying weeds that are competing with the young trees (in their first three years) for water.  Larry and Kathy Burns spoke to the council.   The council discussed what actions could be taken by the council, suggesting such things as making signs warning of the spraying, contacting some officials, letters to the editor, presenting a series of articles covering different aspects of the spraying issue and submitting them concurrently with letters to the editors,  press releases, contacting investigative reporters like those at KATU news, contacting cattlemen’s association, contacting county commissioners, urging people to gather soil samples from time to time to document pre-spraying conditions. Every Door Direct Mail is also very effective and it could list parcel numbers and urge people to go to Snowden and join their voices. Guest Commentary in The Enterprise is a quick first step.  Weyerhauser is not the only company spraying; in fact the Burns are meeting with SDS Lumber tomorrow.

The daily Astorian had done an article on this about three years ago. The consensus was that public awareness is the most important first step and one that the council should probably take on as a group.

A suggestion was made to have a silviculturist come to talk to the council.  Arnold reported that all we need is the parcel numbers and we would know what spraying is being planned.  Keene moved that she will write a press release to the newspaper and encourage others to write letters to the editor.  Motion was seconded by Kliesh.  Motion carried.   She felt that educating the public will be the next step.  It was suggested that a company name not be mentioned since Monsanto is not going to be the only company spraying.  Readers could be directed to for details on whom to contact.   A subcommittee had been suggested for Saturday, April 8th, at Bob Connor’s home to finalize plans for the first steps on public awareness.  After the article comes out, the council will make further plans. Arnold suggested that the Friends of the White Salmon River, who are meeting on Sunday, might be an organization that could help with the costs of the Every Door Direct Mail.



Litter Pickup:  Snowden resident Tova Tillinghast had intended to attend this meeting to ask if the council would once again either undertake a litter pickup or ask the county if any cleanup is planned by the county law enforcement to have inmates clean it up.  Judy Beckman presented the request on her behalf.

She will contact the county tomorrow regarding highway cleanup.


Election of Officers:  On motion of Beckman, seconded by Montag, Roger Gadway was elected as the chair of the council.  On motion of Kliesh and seconded by Connor, a unanimous ballot was cast for the current position holders as follows:  Vice Chair Timi Keene, Treasurer Lance Beckman, and Judy Beckman, a non-council member as Secretary Pro-Tem.


Donations:  $28.00



Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Judy Beckman, Secretary Pro-Tem