January 2016 Minutes

Snowden Community Council Meeting       January 7, 2015

The monthly meeting for January was held at the Cherry Lane Fire Station. Chair Roger Gadway called the meeting

to order at 7:04 PM. Council members present: Lance Beckman, Bob Connor, Roger Gadway, Timi Keene, Judy

Kliesh, Lloyd Olson. Council members absent: Tom Montag, Janet Turner. Others present: Chuck Kliesh, Debbie Olson, David Hanken, Cathy Dey.

COMMUNITY FORUM:  None (Postponed to February 4th meeting.


Secretary’s Minutes: The minutes were approved with no additions or corrections.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was approved with no additions or corrections.

Beginning balance December 3, 2015                                      $ 974.12   (Reconciled with Riverview Bank stmt 11/30/15)


Table Donations – October Meeting $55.00

TOTAL INCOME                                           $ 55.00

EXPENSES:     None

TOTAL EXPENSES                                        $  0.00

Ending balance January 7, 2016                              $1,029.12 (Reconciled with Riverview Bank stmt 12/31/15)


 Sawnet Highspeed Internet: Representatives will be at the February meeting. Roger reported that in conversation with Jim VonMosch he learned that Jim has had some success in talking with Rep. Gina McCabe who has appointed an assistant to work on just this issue. VonMosch also reported that Sawnet is currently meeting with Gorge.net to see if they can work cooperatively on this project. They are putting together some figures to present to the council and community members at the February 4th meeting. Snowden resident Steve Heitkamp is putting together a proposal that may be stop-gap idea that would be low voltage and would therefore not require an FCC license. It could maybe also be used in the future for some emergencies.

Fire District #3 Report: Connor reported that the fire district has a new brush truck that is currently being outfitted with slide in/slide out shelving. This rig is 13 years newer than what they previously owned. This was purchased with a grant from the DNR. Commissioner’s next meeting is Thursday, January 14th. The commissioners have had some negotiations withWhite Salmon fire department, but no forward motion seems to be forthcoming.

CPR Classes: Keene reported that she did some research on a banner to advertise the CPR classes. She found a supplier for a 4X8 banner for $57.60. There would be some shipping as well. She submitted sample wording. Discussion on whether dates should be applied or not. The council members felt that we could go ahead with the dates on it and it would be an easy thing to figure out some way to put new dates over the original dates. This will be a grommeted- vinyl sign that could be put up anywhere with fence posts and rope. Lloyd Olson moved that we proceed with the purchase of this banner. Second by Lance Beckman. Motion carried. Scott See produced a registration page on the Fire Department and it is already active, though without times for the classes to be held. The purpose of leaving off times is to allow for afternoon and evening classes if the volume of interested persons warrants it.

Snowden Sign Design: Chuck Kliesh submitted a design for remodeling our current sign. His proposed featured an additional sign at the top of the sign made of two-sided clear plastic into which can be slipped information about the subject of the next council meeting. Kliesh and Judy Beckman will work cooperatively on the redesign.

Oil Facility Hearing: There is a hearing going on right now on this issue. Gadway suggested that we send our letter of opposition to state officials in charge of the hearing now that we known specific names. The council was in agreement and Gadway will see that the letter is sent to the proper person.


Election of Officers: Lloyd Olson moved that the current slate of officers be elected in toto. Motion seconded by Lance Beckman. Motion carried. Therefore, Roger Gadway will remain as Chair, Timi Keene as Vice-chair, and Lance Beckman as Treasurer. There were no nominations for the position of secretary. At council’s request, Judy Beckman agreed to continue on as Secretary Pro-Tem.

Table Donations:  $32.00

The Board adjourned to meet again Thursday, February 4, 2016.

Respectfully Submitted

Judy Beckman, Secretary Pro-tem




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