December 2015 Minutes

Snowden Community Council Meeting    December 3, 2015

The monthly meeting for November was held at the Cherry Lane Fire Station. Chair Roger Gadway called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM. Council members present: Lance Beckman, Bob Connor, Roger Gadway, Timi Keene, Judy Kliesh, Tom Montag, Lloyd Olson, Janet Turner. Council members absent: None Others present: Chuck Kliesh, Debbie Olson, Diane Gadway, Sandy Montag, Jim Millington, Scott See, Rick George, Jim Von Mosch, Steve Crothers, Kathy Von Mosch, Mike Renault, 3 unknown.

COMMUNITY FORUM:  Mike Renault, Captain, EMS Supervisor from Klickitat County Fire District 3 was present at an invitation from the council to discuss the possibility of the council sponsoring CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) classes at the Fire Hall. Renault was eager to accommodate the request. He could do 3-hour, lay-person classes any day of the week (suggesting that weekends work best) and can do them day or night. He suggested that we wait until after the first of the year because new standards will be in place at that time, meaning that the class will then focus on hands-only methods with no mouth-to-mouth training. Lay person classes focus on working with adults, although he could customize the classes to the professional level if there was a call for it. At that level they would teach processes for working with children and other specialties. Also included will be training in the handling of AEDs (Automated External Debrillators). First Aid classes are also available, but the council felt they would like to first concentrate on the CPR classes. The cost for each person would be to simply make a donation to Save A Heart Foundation, which has provided the mannequins to the district. There is an additional $5 cost for the printing of the official card, only if the participant wants the card. Certification needs to be renewed every two years. Renault said they can do the classes for as few as 2 people or up to ten in each class. They have ten mannequins and the fire hall has enough space to accommodate that.   All reservations for the class can be run through Renault’s office. Scott See volunteered to add a registration page to FD#3 website if they wished.   The council would need to come up with some dates and a point person from the council. At Renault’s suggestion the council decided to set two Saturdays to allow residents who can’t make it on one weekend to try for the other weekend.  The council set March 12th and March 19th, both Saturdays for the classes. Ten people present at this meeting would like to take the class, so if more residents decide to participate, Renault said he could offer a class in the morning and another in the afternoon on both of those dates. Timi Keene will be the council point person. We would advertise the classes on the fire department’s sign by the road. The council also considered finding an inexpensive banner that could be affixed to our sandwich board sign.  Beckman’s have a second, larger sandwich board the council could use.

SAWNET HIGH SPEED INTERNET: Representative Shannon from Sawnet could not come tonight because of the weather. Steve Heitmann had reported earlier in the day to Chair Gadway that he will get Shannon back here for the January meeting. A representative from will also be here.        Because of the number of guests at the meeting who were interested in this subject, the minutes of the November meeting pertaining to this subject were read to the guests to help them understand how we got to this point. Jim vonMosch has been attending the continuing meetings with the technology group. He also attended a recent meeting in The Dalles at which 30-35 people read their reports from the survey of about 2 years ago. They were then going to close the meeting without any public input. Jim posed the question “we were promised…what’s next” and was met with silence. Jim talked with every Internet Service Provider (ISP) that was present at the meeting (except centurylink who did not want to talk), and all promised to call him back. Only Verizon did so. They told him that they can use repeaters to bring service up Snowden without the use of the fiber optic cable. Verizon said our community can get this done either by making a lot of noise or by putting up a lot of money. Verizon told him specifically that it would take $25,000 for Verizon to put up a tower and then we’d probably have our own service. However, many of the current little privately owned service have not been able to function on their own due to lack of maintenance or not knowing where to turn to get help. Many of them are turning to Gorge Net who has been buying up all these little private service providers. Von Mosch learned from David Sauter that the county is willing for Verizon to use the county towers in exchange for them providing service for cell use and internet. From the towers at Diamond Gap where there is currently a tower you can see all of Snowden. There are likely low pockets that could not be reached.  Dave Sauter advised that all of us to get ahold of our state representatives to put pressure on them from all sides. Another piece of advice is calling your own service provider now and complain about service you’re not getting and see what they are willing to offer you. Jim and Scott See are willing to be contacted to begin to put the pressure on.  We should see if we can get other companies to come to the January meeting, too. Jim suggested that in the meantime we should be prepared to hand them a list of people who are willing to put up money to get what the area needs.   Northwest Open Access Networks (NoaNet) is another group with whom the council should work. This is a Washington state non-profit wholesale telecommunications provider. Their mission is to leverage relationships and resources to develop and operate world class open access information technology networks. Jim will contact all of those ISP representatives to tell them to come to the January meeting.


Secretary’s Minutes: The minutes were approved with no additions or corrections.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was approved with no additions or corrections.

Beginning balance November 5, 2015                                      $ 939.12   (Reconciled with Riverview Bank stmt 10/31/15)


Table Donations – October Meeting $35.00

TOTAL INCOME                                           $ 35.00

EXPENSES:     None

TOTAL EXPENSES                                        $  0.00

Ending balance December 3, 2015                            $ 974.12 (Reconciled with Riverview Bank stmt 11/30/15)


 Sawnet Highspeed Internet: See Community Forum.

Fire District #3 Report: Bob Connor reported that commissioners met with their Yakima representative to work out the details of the package that will be offered to the new fire chief being sought. The commissioners will vote on it at their next meeting.   Connor also presented the schedule for Santa to be at each fire hall and that residents should encourage families with little children to come to the Cherry Lane Fire Hall on Monday, December 7th.

ATV Use on County Roads: Nothing has been heard on this and the subject may go away.

CPR Class: See Community Forum.


Snowden Sign: During the Community Forum on CPR classes the subject of the sandwich board came up. The sign is in poor shape with knots in the wood now missing. The council will discuss this at their January meeting to see if we can come up with a new design that would feature a changeable portion to be able to slip in signs about the Community Forum at the next meeting. Chuck Kliesh said he’ll work on a possible design.

January Meeting: Roger Gadway reminded council members that all office positions are up for election in January: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Currently the council does not have a member secretary.

Table Donations:  $55.00

The Board adjourned to meet again Thursday, January 7, 2016.

Respectfully Submitted,

Judy Beckman, Secretary Pro-tem



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