Emergency Scanner Info

Emergency Frequencies

Here’s a list of  local emergency frequencies from Radio Shack in Hood River.

Here’s a listing of emergency radio frequencies from RadioReference.com

And from Les Penney:
Here are some frequencies to load into your scanner.

  • 159.375    DNR repeater on Mount Defiance
  • 154.130    Klickitat County repeater
  • 153.770   Klickitat  County repeater

These three repeaters should keep you informed but not overloaded.


Radio communications refer to longitude and latitude.  This can be plugged into Google Maps.  Here are instructions on how to enter longitude and latitude.  And here’s an example.

Buying a Scanner

The following information comes from Robert Allen Klickitat County Department of Emergency Management Operations Manager. (2013)

Mr. See, if you are planning to purchase a police scanner for monitoring radio traffic, you need to ensure that the scanner is VHF narrowband (12.5 KHz) capable. Narrowband frequencies will have four digits to the right side of the decimal, wideband frequencies only have 3, 154.1300 is a narrowband frequency and 154.130 is a wideband frequency. The you will be able to receive current wideband (25 KHz) radio frequencies until they are no longer in use. You will also have the capability to pick up the FCC mandated narrowband frequencies that we will be using by year-end, this year.


 How To Decode What You Hear

FD1 Troutdale
FD2 Bickleton
FD3 Husum/Cherry Lane
FD4 Lyle
FD5 Centerville
FD6 Dallesport
FD7 Goldendale
FD8 Glenwood
FD9 Roosevelt
FD10 Alderdale
FD11 Wishram
FD12 Klickitat
FD13 Appleton
FD14 High Prairie
FD15 Wahkiatkus
FD16  White Salmon
FD17 Bingen

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