You know you have lived on Snowden a long time if you experienced the winter of ’68-’69. For me, I had just moved to White Salmon/Snowden in 68 from Nebraska, so I had to get used to being a transplant there. I heard there were indians on the hilltops, there were lots of trees and greenery, as well as a lots of logging trucks (that I had never seen before) and there were no sidewalks and the women didnt have to wear dresses. So, at 18 I was ready for a change & moved there with relatives. And, if you have ever driven the freeway across I-80-I-84 you know that I thought I had made the wrong move & someone had lied to me about how beautiful the northwest really was. But, all of a sudden I started seeing a tree here or there by the time we got to John Day Dam on west. Arriving in the little town of Bing-en there was everything I had been told about. Well, that was 44 years ago & I am still in Klickitat County. I sure got initiated that first winter,with lots of snow the whole winter. Drifts were up to the eaves of one side of our house. One time I had a picture taken of me standing on a tall row of snow along the road, only to end up being wher ethe fence was. Pathways in the yard were up to my waist and you had to shovel a long ways to the car that was aprked out by the road. For most of this winter, we lived way off the road, and the Sheriffs Dept knew we were out there without a phone & they didnt even really know our name as we were new in town. So after a few day sof being snowed-in here comes 2-3 snowmobiles wiht the sheriff & deputies seeing if we were ok. So, can anyone else relate to that winter?